PlayPark PINS: Top-up Alternatives


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Know more about the new Top-up process here 👉🏼





PlayMall Top-Up Reminders


Before you Top-Up your PINs in PlayMall (, you must have an existing character in your PlayMall account. This is to ensure that your transaction will be processed. Follow the 3 essential steps in completing your PlayMall account. 




  1. Go to the PlayID portal and sign-up (
  2. To verify your account, click the validation link sent to your email (so you can top-up, too).
  3. Setup your secret question and answer so you can change your password and your account email anytime. 
  4. Provide your personal details so you can file a ticket and secure your account.




  1. Download the Official CABAL Online PH Full Client.
  2. Allow the game to fully load. Once the patch update is complete, click “Game Start”.
  3. Proceed with signing in using your PlayID.
  4. Click this link for more details on Character Creation: (
  5. Freely customize your character by choosing your server, battle style, gender, and appearance.
  6. To complete your character creation, set your desired character name or in-game name (IGN). 
  7. Lock in your character by clicking “Create Character”.




  1. Don’t forget to set up your sub password to secure your account.
  2. You may now Top-Up PINs by visiting PlayMall (

Know more about the new Top-Up process for Razer Gold PINs here:




PlayPark Load Process for Playpark Play Users


For LUPlay Users who are experiecing issues with your purchased Razer Gold Pin, check out the step-by-step process so we can issue you a PlayPark Pin replacement.
Be sure to provide the following details so we can proceed with confirming your transaction:


👉🏼Unused Razer Gold Serial and Pin
👉🏼Proof of Purchase (with date and amount)
👉🏼LUPlay User ID
👉🏼Full Name




  • In order for us to issue a PlayPark Pin replacement, please be reminded that your Razer Gold Pin must be unused in any way (even via Razer Gold).
  • You may opt to load up with PlayPark PINs via OffGamers (