Bail-Out System to be Reactivated

CABAL Online players whose accounts have been blocked will be given the opportunity to reactivate their accounts with the reinstitution of the bail-out system.

The bail-out page shall be activated again this January 26, 2011. CABAL Online player accounts which were blocked during the time the bail-out system was suspended can start bailing out their accounts until March 3, 2011.

After March 3’s scheduled server maintenance, a new bail-out policy shall be implemented. Please be informed that CABAL Online players who did not bail out their accounts before the deadline along with player accounts which were blocked after March 3’s server maintenance shall be subjected to the new bail-out policy.

Current Bail Out Rates and Penalties:
1st Offense: 20 EP Bail OR 30-Day Ban
2nd Offense: 150 EP Bail OR 60-Day Ban
3rd Offense: 500 EP Bail OR PERMA BAN
4th Offense: 1,000 EP Bail OR PERMA BAN

NEW Bail Out Rates and Penalties:
1st Offense: 100 EP Bail OR PERMA BAN
2nd Offense: 500 EP Bail OR PERMA BAN
3rd Offense: 1,000 EP Bail OR PERMA BAN
4th Offense: 2,000 EP OR PERMA BAN

Please be guided accordingly.

Indefinite Suspension of the Bot Penalty Page

Dear CABALists,

Our continuing efforts to resolve the recent hacking issues have led us to a number of probable causes of the hacking incidents. One of which is the possibility that third-party programs are secretly installing or injecting keylogger programs into the victims’ hard drives, thus allowing the hackers to gather account information illegally.

With this in mind, we are suspending the Bot Penalty Bailout features of the e-Games Account Management page indefinitely. This will take effect on December 16, Thursday, after the live server implementation of the Episode 5: The Mercenaries patch.

Blocked accounts which have been confirmed using of bot programs will not be eligible for bailout while the suspension is in effect.

IP e-Games is firm with its stand against the use of third-party programs, as it ruins the integrity of the game and puts valuable player account information into great risk.

We hope for your continued patience and unrelenting support as we carry on the task of finding a concrete resolution on the hack issues.

Cabal Online PH Team