1.)Force Gem Attributes

1. Currency

-In-game currency that can be collected regardless of inventory space

2. Untradeable, Independent to each server

-Can be used by multiple characters within same server

3. Cannot move between servers

-Cannot be transferred by a character when changing servers; the Force Gem is bound to the corresponding account

Example) Force Gem obtained by Character 1 on Server 1. If he/she moves to Server 2, the remaining Force Gem will be displayed when a character is created on Server 1.

2.) Obtained

4. Force Gem Package

a. Cash item that can be purchased through the Web Cash Shop and in-game Cash Shop

b. Item index is set / Number of Force Gems can be set as option

– Item’s name and tooltip will be displayed according to the settings

c. Tradeable / Non-stackable

5. Shared Achievement Reward

d. Given Force Gems as a Shared Achievement reward

e. Receive an annual reward per one server

f. Server transfer

g. When achieved, Force Gems will be delivered via Achievement UI

h. When proceeding with server transfer,

-If the achievement has already been completed on server being moved to: Unable to receive the reward again

-If the achievement hasn’t been completed on the server being moved to: The achievement will remain incomplete

3.) Related Achievements

6. Added 6 Normal Achievements

* Since all Force Gems are shared among characters in same server, other characters can complete the achievement if they meet the requirement

4.) Use Force Gems

7. Dungeon Entry

i. Force Gems can be used to enter a dungeon

-Excluding dungeons where entry items are sold at NPC shops

-Different amount of Force Gems will be used depending on the level of entering dungeon

j. Effect for dungeon warp gate will always be visible

k. When the dungeon list appears on the Dungeon Entry UI after clicking the effect of dungeon warp gate, system will check if the character owns the Dungeon Entry Item first

-With dungeon entry item: dungeon list appears

-Without dungeon entry item: will check for Force Gem

i. With Force Gems: dungeon list appears

ii. Without Force Gems: system warning message appears after Warp Gate Effect is clicked

8. Oath function

l. Same function as existing Oath of Soul and Oath of Protection

m. Oath of Soul / Oath of Protection Item button will appear on party UI while in a party

-When clicked, a confirmation dialogue will appear to confirm AXP/damage transfer

n. Existing Oath of Soul / Oath of Protection items

-Use as currently being used

-If same effect already has been applied via Force Gem, a system message will state ‘The item cannot be used’

9. Warp

o. Warp to registered coordinates

– Existing Frontier Stones function

– Coordinates can be saved by clicking on the ‘Register’ button on the GPS while at the corresponding location

i. Force Gems are consumed when coordinates are registered

– Warp Point is created at the corresponding location on the GPS

i. Expiration date will appear with tool tip

– Warp Points can be registered in many different places on the same map

i. Up to 100 can be registered

– Additional information

i. Warp Points created with Force Gems can be set up for each character (character base)

ii. Force Gems will be used with click of a button

iii. Use time is fixed at 5 hours (or 10 hours)

p. Unlimited Warp

– Function of an existing Return Stone

– Return Core-shaped button with unlimited warp is marked on the lower bottom corner of GPS

i. Displays quantity of Return Stone

ii. Unlimited Warp

  • When it’s not in use or has expired: White
  • When Unlimited Warp is activated or there’s a Return Core in the inventory: Yellow
  • When the mouse is held over, the expiration date will be displayed as tool tip (updated by last purchase)

iiii. Return Core-shaped button: When the button is clicked, an Unlimited Warp confirmation UI appears; Displays number of Force Gems that will be consumed

– Additional Items

i. Item Attribute

  • Must be in the inventory to use
  • Tradable (can trade individually when not listed in an agent shop)
  • When received in the cash inventory, the duration starts (regardless if Return Core is currently in use)

ii. Each character must use their own Force Gems (character base)

10. Summon Party Member

q. Function of existing Summon of Heroes

r. ‘Summon Party Member’ menu is added on Party Information window

s. Force Gems are consumed when the other player accepts request for ‘Summon Party Member’

11. Warp to Party Members

t. Function of existing Leap of Heroes

u. ‘Warp to Party Members’ menu is added on Party Information window

5.) Resurrect

12. Resurrect on the current spot and Resurrect with Buffs

v. Types and functions

  • Resurrect on the current spot: Existing Odd Circle function
  • Resurrect with best condition: Existing Superior Odd Circle function
  • Resurrect with best condition and additional buffs: Existing Hyper Odd Circles function

w. Check Odd Circles before resurrection

-With Odd Circle: Resurrect using an Odd Circle

i. Without Odd Circle: Use Force Gems to resurrect

Without Force Gems: Check for Force Gem Package

  • With Force Gem Package: There’s an unused Force Gem package. Do you want to use it? → Click Use Button → Inventory doesn’t open, the package opens and is available for use
  • On the Resurrect UI, click ‘Purchase Force Gem Package at Item Shop’ → Opens in-game Cash Shop → Package purchase → With Force Gem Package Steps

13. Resurrect Party Member

x. ‘Resurrect Party Member’ menu is added on Party Information window

y. Function of existing Honorable Circle

z. Force Gems are consumed when the other player accepts the request for Resurrect Party Member

Epic Costume

6.) Option Granting

14. Use the [Core Alchemist] > [Upgrade] > [Give Item Option] UI to give attributes

15. Select the costume you want to grant option

– Requires an empty slot

16. Assign the Option Scroll you want to the material slot

– Option Scrolls- Costume

17. Add Force Core(Highest)

Required Cost

  • 0 options: 500,000 Alz
  • 1 option: 1 million Alz
  • 2 options: 2 million Alz
  • Up to 3 options can be granted to a costume

7.) Expand Costume Slot

18. Costume slots can be expanded using a Costume Slot Converter

c. Can be purchased from Chloe (Craft Merchant)

d. Purchase price: Costume Cloth Fragment x10

19. The Costume Slot Converter can only be used on costumes with less than 3 slots

e. If it fails, only the Costume Slot Converter is destroyed

8.) Obtain Costume Option Scrolls

21. By destroying costume

f. When a costume is destroyed, Costume Cloth Fragments are obtained

g. When a costume is destroyed, there’s a chance of obtaining a Costume Option Scroll

22. Can obtain through Old Magic Books

h. Old Magic Book (Low)

  • Purchase price

– 100 AP

– 2 million Alz

  • Can be purchased from a Core Alchemist
  • When used, Costume Cloth Fragments or Costume Option Scrolls are obtained

i. Old Magic Book (Medium)

  • Can be obtained with Force Gems
  • When used, Costume Option Scrolls are obtained

9. Option Type

23. Total of 13 options for costumes

10.) Costume Safety Kit

24. An item which creates “Costume Capsules” by extracting costume options

– Works similarly to Pet Safety Kit

25. Resets the options on the target costume and creates a “Costume Capsule” with option information

11.) Costume Capsule

26. An item that stores costume options

-Similar concept to Anima Gems

27. Account bind

28. Cannot be equipped

29. When used, all existing options on a costume are removed and replaced by the corresponding options

– Can only be used if the number of costume slots is equal to or greater than the number of options stored in the capsule

12.) Costume Capsule Seal Stone

30. When used, Costume Capsules can be sealed

31. Sealed items can be traded

32. When you use Sealed Costume Capsule, the seal is broken


Upgrade Tokens

Added 3 Upgrade Token

  • Upgrade Token (High)

  • Upgrade Token (Highest)

  • Upgrade Token (Chaos)




14.) Upgrade Tokens can be used to purchase upgraded equipment

33. When you click on Auto-Register in the upgrade window, the appropriate reinforcement item (core) for each token grade is 34. selected.

If it fails, a penalty is applied

35. Can use upgrade items on Upgrade Tokens

j. Enhanced Core / Superior Core

k. Enchant Safeguard (doesn’t prevent destruction)

36. Restrictions

l. Some items cannot be used on Upgrade Tokens

Perfect Cores, Slot Extenders, Option Scroll items, Epic items

m. Upgrade Tokens cannot be equipped

n. Cannot proceed with extreme upgrade



Entry Location: Center of Arcane Trace field

Entry Item Information

Name: Strange Liquid

Dungeon Entry Conditions:

  • Required Level Lv.180 or higher/BSLV11 or higher
  • Duration 1 hour
  • Entry Location Arcane Trace (X:126, Y:157)
  • DP Reward 12 DP
  • Usable Item Limit Up to 30 Odd Circles can be used
  • Up to 50 Veradrix’s Blessings can be used
  • Price of dungeon entry will increase from 7M Alz to 20M Alz this July 23, 2015 (Tentative).

UI Renewal

19.) Character Window

55. Attack/Defense Power will be listed

56. Protection of Veradrix icon location moved to the bottom of the Character Window located on the lower left part of the screen

20.) GPS mini map

57. Option-Display-’Go to Mini Map button display’ changed from off as default setting

21.) Party Information Window

  • Moved the 3 Oath buttons to the Party Information Window
  • Button function and tooltips remain the same
  • Oath of Sacrifice (usage will be varied depending on each nation)

22.) Quick Slot

61. Always using expanded Quick Slots

  • Removed Option-Game-’Use Expanded Quick Slots’

62. The buttons and icons located on the lower left screen have been rearranged in the Quick Slot bar

  • Removed quest complete, level up, skill up, item looting, etc.
  • Moved the 3 Oath buttons to the Party Information Window
  • Quick Slot button and icon: Premium Benefit Info/Victorious Nation/Events/Web Game Shop/Cabal Menu/Mailbox/Force Gems/ping.

63. Victorious Nation

  • Victorious Nation remains the same
  • Losing Nation’s tooltip will display “Depending on war status during Weekend Mission War Tier Lv.170~Lv.200, nation bonus will apply for a week”

64. Events

  • When there’s an event, the button will be yellow. Function remains the same
  • When there isn’t an event, the button will be white and display the system message “There is currently no event in progress” when clicked on

65. Mailbox

  • Newly added function
  • If there’s unread mail, N will be displayed

66. Force Gems

  • Newly added function
  • Currently owned Force Gems will be displayed in the inventory

67. Ping

  • Function remains the same, but the display has been revised
  • 0~99ms(green) / 100~499ms(orange) / 500ms~(red)




23.) Palladium Equipments type added which is superior to Archridium grade

  • Stats of new equipment is higher than Archridium as much as the difference between Archridium and Mithril.
  • Item can only be obtained in Abandoned City
  • Palladium Equipment will start dropping in Abandoned City Dungeon this July 23, 2015.



24.) New Epaulet added(Highest level)

25.) Extreme upgrade 6 added



*Palladium Armor




Balance adjustments


Force Shielder

The Attack UP increase determined by Battle Style ranking was adjusted

  • Original: 6
  • Change: 7

The Attack UP increase determined by Mighty Wish skill level was adjusted

  • Original: 4
  • Change: 6

Added Battle Mode 3 Disarm synergy effect

  • Add: Critical DMG UP +10%

Force Blader

The Attack UP increase determined by Battle Style ranking was adjusted

  • Original: 6
  • Change: 7

The Attack UP increase determined by Fire Blade skill level was adjusted

  • Original: 6
  • Change: 7

Changed Battle Mode 3 Enhance Critical synergy effect


  • Opponent’s Critical DMG -10%
  • Player’s Critical DMG -10%


  • Player’s Defense -50
  • Player’s Penetration +20


The Attack UP increase determined by Battle Style ranking was adjusted

  • Original: 6
  • Change: 7

Changed Vital Charge’s recovery amount

  • Original: At level 20, 100 recovered per Rage
  • Change: At level 20, 150 recovered per Rage

The Attack UP increase determined by Battle Fury skill level was adjusted

  • Original: 4
  • Change: 5

The Attack/Defense rate increase determined by Mortal Combat skill level was adjusted


  • Attack Rate increases by 26 per skill level
  • Defense Rate increases by 13 per skill level


  • Attack Rate increases by 30 per skill level
  • Defense Rate increases by 15 per skill level

Battle Mode 3 Genocider Specialty Stage 3 Effect added

  • Damage increases when attacking a single target



Added voice chat (BETA Test)

  1. Added voice chat-related options
  • added voice chat-related options to the Party UI
  • Added PTT button
  • Party member volume level displays were added and volumes can be adjusted (Default Setting: Max)
  • Added Party Member volume mute button (Default Setting: Off/Audible)

Added New Daily Quests

  • Low level tier – daily quest that gives a Dungeon Entry Item reward
  • Quest is completed when NPC is talked to without any special mission
  • Reward Item: Character bind / Duration: 1D

  • Lv.  151-199 daily quest
  • Beginning NPC: Henkoff (Officer) in Bloody Ice
  • Can complete once daily / resets at midnight
  • EXP Reward

– Level 190 or below: At the maximum level for accepting the quest, about 2.5% EXP is received as a reward

– Level 191 or higher: 1% EXP is received as a reward

The mission is to defeat the monsters

– If it’s a dungeon mission, the mission can be completed without having to wait for a respawn

Added recipe for Quartz Core (Archridium) request

Added option to display ‘Character Costume

  • Added option ‘Options – Display – Character Costume’
  • When checked, clothes costume is displayed
  • When unchecked, clothes costume is not seen
  • Option’s setting is seen the same way by other users (like the character helmet option)
  • It is checked (visible) by default

Added 4 types of skill books sold by instructors

Added Dungeon Entry items in remote shops

  • Added 8 types of Dungeon Entry items to remote shops that can be opened with the N key
  • New items added

Added new costume – Good and Evil


“Contents are still being updated and the details of some contents narrated below may be changed.”