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Elite Dungeon

Basic information

○ Existing dungeons and dungeon play remains the same, yet dungeon difficulty can be changed with dungeon boost system

  • Boost Level


○ Entry Items

  • Dungeon Entry Item + Gemstone of Transcendence


  • Difficulty can be set on entry
  • Daily Entry Limit
  1. Dungeon entry will be limited to 3 times/day
  2. Force Gems can be used to reset the entry limit up to 5 times
  3. Daily entry limit and entry reset limit will reset at 00:00 daily

Drop Items

○ New items have been added to those currently dropped in dungeons
○ Drop items added: Chaos Talisman, Rune Slot Extender crafting ingredients.

Added Rune Slot Extender Item

Basic information

  • Right-click to use it in your inventory
  • When used, additional rune slots will be added
  • Up to 3 slots can be added

→ 16 current Rune Slots + 3 additional Slots from Rune Slot Extender = Total of 19 Rune Slots available

Additional Request Recipes

Added Talisman of Chaos and Ruin

Basic information

○ A higher version of the existing Chaos Talisman which can be obtained through Craft Merchant Chloe in Port Lux by Request.

  • Stats

Added PvP Battle

Basic information

○ Conditions for participation

  • A character Level 52 or higher from an affiliated nation

Where to participate

○ Capella Character: Select [PvP Battle] on Green Despair instructor’s default script to open the UI
○ Procyon Character: Select [PvP Battle] on Desert Scream instructor’s default script to open the UI

Practice Game

○ PvP is available within the server
○ PvP results and points are not saved and there is no victory reward
○ Cannot participate in betting

Creating and Entering Rooms

○ Mode

  • Participants: 2 vs 2 / 3 vs 3 / 5 vs 5 / 7 vs 7
  • Equipment: Private is the current default (Unavailable ATM)
  • Spectator mode: Private is the current default (Unavailable ATM)
  • Duration: 10 min. / 15 min. / 20 min. / 30 min.
  • Kill counts: 10 kills / 30 kilss / 50 kills

○ Team Assignments

  • Team A / Team B (Room Leader is on Team A by default)
  • As players join, they are placed on the team with the fewest players

○ Progress

  • Ally names are displayed in gray and enemy names are displayed in red
  • Resurrection
  1. Characters will resurrect at the starting point
  2. 10 seconds of waiting time applies for resurrection
  • PvP Time and the Battle Gauge are displayed in the upper middle section
  1. Battle Gauge moves according to the number of kills
  • Information on your character’s kills/deaths is located at the upper right section of the UI
  • Chatting Rules during battle
  1. Normal: Cannot see the other team’s chat
  2. Party: Able
  3. Guild / Trade / Channel / Whisper / Shout / Megaphone / Nation Megaphone: Unable
  • When character disconnects during the battle
  1. All character kill/death information is lost
  2. When the team wins/loses, the disconnected character’s information won’t be counted
  • Character status during the battle
  1. HP, restoration, Continuous Reductions are twice as powerful
  2. 200% boost on Restoration via Heal skill
  3. 30% boost on PvP Damage

○ End of battle

  • When a room is set up, the PvP battle will end when one of the set conditions has been accomplished
  1. Kill count: First team to reach the target count wins
  • When time expires
  1. Total kill count → If tied, compare total deaths (Team with fewer deaths wins) → If tied, compare combined character levels → If tied, Team A wins
  • Scoreboard
  1. When the battle ends, you can check each player’s kill count, death count, and MVP status
  2. You can check all information except for MVP status by pressing the ‘v’ button during battle
  • MVP
  1. Player who contributed the most to the team’s victory will be selected as MVP
  2. Contribution Level is calculated based on the victory conditions. If all the conditions are tied, the MVP will be selected based on the joining order of the battle

○ Other Rules

  • Mini-map is not shown inside the PvP Battle Arena
  • Following actions are prohibited inside the PvP Battle Arena:
  1. PvP request, PK
  2. Guild war request, leave/disband guild, appoint guild master, change guild name
  3. Open Personal Shop, request trade
  4. Invite to party (Create a party)
  5. Show skill animation
  • Following items are prohibited inside the PvP Battle Arena:
  1. Return Stones, Return Cores
  2. Oath Items (Oath of Soul, Oath of Sacrifice, Oath of Protection)
  3. Odd Circles (Including Superior, Hyper)
  4. HP Potions, Buff Potions (MP Potions are allowed)
  5. Pet (Pet Rename Cards are allowed)
  6. Saint’s Forcecalibur
  7. Bike RW3 / PW5 warehouse cannot be opened
  8. Guild / Character Rename Card
  9. Remote Trade Card
  • There are no penalties for dying inside the PvP Battle Arena

New Item Drops Inside Abandoned City

○ Penetration Rune/ Ignore Penetration Rune

  • Drop Box: Legendary Box
  • Item Information

○ Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone

  • Drop Box: Legendary Box
  • Drop Item
  1. 8 kinds of Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone (High)
  2. 8 kinds of Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone (Highest)

Added New Quests

○ Added nation scenario quests for Lv.103-130
○ Characters not affiliated with a nation cannot proceed with new quests


○ Added nation scenario quests for Lv. 130-149
○ Characters not affiliated with a nation cannot proceed with new quests


Added general quests for Lv.131-150

 Added Memoria Chrysos (Mission Battle Field)

New Mission War Schedule:


○ Map

○ Battlefield

○ Max participants

  • 100 per nation

○ Time

  • Lobby stand by: 10 min
  • On the battlefield: 30 min

○ Level restriction

  • Lv.170 ~ Lv.200 (Highest level tier only)

○  How to enter

  • Same as existing Tierra Gloriosa Mission War

○  Feature

  • Killing the Legacy Guardian will able players to capture strategy point
  • War gates exist except for Strategy point(small)
  • Monsters will not move except Legacy Guardian(small)
  • Other rules are same as existing Tierra Gloriosa Mission War including entering/leaving/victory/channel change

○  Gold Coin

  • ‘Gold Coin’ will be dropped under certain circumstances
  • Character kill
  1. When character dies, one Gold Coin will be dropped + 50% of character’s Gold Coin will be dropped additionally
  2. Looting rules: only player who killed the character can loot / after 7~10 sec, other players can loot (not exclusive to same nation)
  3. Ex) If character dies with 100 Gold Coins, 1 Gold Coin + 50 Gold Coins (50% of 100 Gold Coins) = total of 51 Gold Coin will be dropped
  • Neutral monster kill
  1. Player with last blow will have the priority looting rights

○ Neutral Monster

  • Characteristics (Non Aggressive)
  1. Respawns 3 minutes after monster is killed
  2. Will drop 5 Gold Coins when killed
  3. Looting rules: only player who killed the character can loot / after 7~10 sec, other players can loot (not exclusive to same nation)

○ Location

○ Gold Coin System

  • Gold Coin Production Facility
  1. Gold Coin Production Facility will yield Gold Coins when occupied
  2. Facility will start producing Gold Coins when occupied by either nation
  3. Gold Coin will not continue to produce the expected Gold Coins when occupied by other nation
  4. Produced Gold Coins will count towards nation score
  5. As occupied time increases, Gold Coin production will increase as well
  6. Gold Coin production will vary, depending on strategy point type

  • Deposit Gold Coin
  1. Player can deposit Gold Coins at Gold Coin Production Facility
  2. Deposit time will be 15 sec
  3. UI will pop up when clicking Production Facility
  4. Will count towards personal/nation score
  • Personal score: 2 points per Gold Coin
  • Nation score: 20 points per Gold Coin
  • Max count for collecting Gold Coin
  1. Max count for collecting Gold Coin will vary, depending on personal score tier

  1. When collecting Gold Coin (already obtained Gold Coin + Gold Coin for looting), player cannot collect Gold Coin exceeding the max count
  2. Ex) If max count is 50 and already have 45 Gold Coins, cannot collect additional 6 Gold Coins

 Customizing Blessing Beads

○ System

  • Customizing Beads
  • Types of Blessing Beads

Premium Bead

  1. Blessing Bead – Plus
  2. Blessing Bead – Supreme
  3. Blessing Bead – Ultimate
  4. Blessing Bead – Superior (New Item)

Normal Bead

  1. EXP
  2. Skill EXP
  3. Pet EXP
  4. AXP
  5. Drop Rate
  6. Alz Bomb Rate


  • min 30% ~ max 200%
  1. Can be adjusted in intervals of 10%
  • Only period can be set for Premium Beads
  • Boosts for normal Beads and customized Beads do not overlap at the same time.
  • Boost for customized Bead will be applied after the current Blessing Bead in use expires.

Period Extension

  1. Only premium service period can be extended
  2. Extended period will be applied to the expiration time/date of the corresponding item
  3. Conditions
  • Customized Bead + Item
  • Customized Bead + Customized Bead
  • Cannot be extended if the item has already been used

Batch Application

  1. Same duration can be set for all boosts with boost rates
  2. Beads currently in use remain unchanged

Usage Information

  • Information and expiration date for beads currently in use are displayed on the right side

Removing Blessing Beads

  1. Only non-premium Beads can be removed
  2. Beads currently in use cannot be removed
  • This applies to both normal and customized Beads

 Added New Accessory ‘Carnelian’

○ Equipment location and image

○ Basic Stat

  • Conditions
  1. HP + 50 and above
  2. Over Lv 100
  • Item Upgrade
  1. Extreme Upgrade using Chaos Core
  2. Can be destroyed when failed but do not go down grades
  • Required Chaos Core
  • Additional Option


Changes Related to Chaos Upgrade

○ Minesta’s Chaos Belt maximum Enchant Level increased to +20

  • Stats over +15

○ Chaos Upgrade UI Improvements

  • When item is registered, required number of Chaos Cores for the upgrade will display
  • Register Chaos Cores by clicking on the UI ‘Register Core’ button

Expanded in-game shop

○ Various sale conditions can be set

  • Rank Condition
  1. Items can be sold based on Premium service, Honor Rank, Character Level, Victorious Nation, etc.
  • Time Condition
  1. Date: Can set limited time period
  • Periodic sales: Can set certain time to sell item repeatedly during pre-set period; can encourage daily purchase

Quantity Condition

  1. Account: can set purchase limit per account; can reset via Force Gems
  2. Server: can set limited number of item to be sold for each server

○ Purchases can only be made once the sale conditions have been met

○ Reset

  • Only items with account quantity limit can be reset
  • When the set number has been purchased, it can be reset
  • Reset is possible until the daily reset count has been reached

Changed inventory UI tabs

○  Added ‘Misc.’ Tab

  • Link Weapon, Speech Bubble

○  Changed ‘Costume’ tab UI

  • Applied Stats: costume slot that displays applied stats and appearance
  • Display: costume slot that only displays appearance

Changed options related to costumes

○   Changed ‘Character Costumes’ option to ‘Applied Stat Costumes’

  • When the option is checked, it shows the appearance of costumes with applied stats
  • Show costumes are displayed regardless of whether the option is checked or not

A list of items that can be dropped in the dungeon are now displayed in the dungeon entry window

The maximum looting amount (previously 1) has been changed to 5 when Alz and Fragments of Chaos are looted.

Quest will change after changing nation

○ Nation Scenario Quests

  • Quest group will be different based on nation after Lv100 since scenario quest will proceed according to each nation
“Contents are still being updated and the details of some contents narrated below may be changed.”

-CABAL Online PH Team