First R2D6 set in Davao on Jan. 14!

First R2D6 set in Davao on Jan. 14!

Cabalists from Mindanao, get ready!

The much-awaited Road to Domination 6 qualifying tournament series returns and the first leg is going to happen in Davao City this January 14, Saturday!

The tournament venue will be posted soon.

Expect an action-packed CABAL Online 3X3 Carnage tournament as the top CABAL Online teams challenge each other for regional supremacy and book a ticket to Domination 6 to challenge for the National Crown!

Follow the link for the mechanics –

CABAL Online’s Player of the Week : iznabhero

‘Wag isnabin ang level 168 Warrior ng Capella from Jupiter and a member of the guild AntiGravity, because iznabhero is our player of the week!

How long have you been playing CABAL Online:
Nagsimula akong maglaro ng Cabal Since January 14, 2010 up to present.

Why do you like to play CABAL Online:
Sa totoo lang nagstop ako nung level 43, 10 months akong nagstop kasi parang nahihirapan ako sa mga quest dahil sa baguhan pa lang ako nun. Pero nung may nakita ako sa shop na naglalaro ng CABAL, nakita ko yung level 160 warrior. Ang ganda ng porma at ang lakas sa PVP. Sabi ko sa player nun “astig ng char mo ah, naglalaro rin ako nyan, kaso huminto ako kasi di ko alam mga quest”. Neptune server sya, sabi nya sa akin “pagpatuloy mo pre, ako magututuro sa iyo kung ano mga gagawin”. Ayun, hanggang sa tuloy-tuloy na ang paglalaro ko.

Favorite Place to Level:
Sa mga dungeon, kasama ang ibang ka-guildmates or buddies, para sa dagdag Honor Points
at sa mga loots na pwedeng malaglag

Favorite NPC:
My Favorite NPC is Keller (Core Alchemist), kasi sya lang ang takbuhan ko pag may gusto akong i-craft

Most loved CABAL character:
Warrior, kasi sa porma pa lang masasabi mo nang matikas, at astig tignan ang isang warrior na tulad ko. Masasabi rin natin na pang-basagan talaga, lalong-lalo na sa WAR at sa dungeon, sila kaagad ang hianahanap ng ibang palyers.

Most challenging quest:
Yung Tyrant, until now wala pa ako nun. Asar, hirap makakuha kasi parang ayaw ibigay sa akin

Most hated mob/dungeon boss:
Para sa akin at sa level ko pa lang, masasabi kong mahirap na dungeon yung sa “Lost Island”. Lakas makapang 1 hit ang mga mobs at bosses dun, asar na asar talaga ako minsan at nagku-quit ako.

Most hated PvP opponent:
FS at Warrior, kasi sa FS malakas magcrit yung skills nila, sa WA naman sa HP na lang nagkakatalo, eh minsan nauunahan pa ako

Favorite party members:
FA at WIZ, kasi my buffers, kahit sila lang kasama ko, talgang maaasahan sila kahit ako lang taga-tangke

Any Crushes:
Si Grace at miracel FA, kaso madalang na lang syang maglaro. Miss ko na kayo, alam ko study muna. Ingats, love yah

Tips for newbie players:
Study first muna at wag kalimutan si Lord pati parents. Quest lang nang quest, magtanong sa mga ibang players kung hindi alam, tapos palakas pa tayo. More power sa mga baguhan.

What is your greatest achievement in CABAL Online?
Sa akin ano kaya? Pwede na siguro ito, ang GA sa CABAL naging sub GM. Ang cheap ano? Pero sa totoo lang, dito ko naipakita ang tunay kong pagkatao sa mga ka-guild ko. Marami na akong nasalihang guild, pero sa guild na to ako nagtiwala.

Give a Shoutout to your friends:
Sa mga friends ko maraming salamat sa pagtitiwala sa akin na maging isa sa mga buddies nyo maraming salamat. Lalong lalo na sa ka-guilds ko more power pa poh tyo alam ko na kaya naten to khit ang iba sa inyo ay naging bc na sa mga buhay buhay naiintindihan nmin kyo, alam ko na babalik at babalik kyo, aun lang palakas pa tyo khit na tapaktapakan tyo ng iba wak lang tyo mawalan ng pag asa alam ko na may paraan kaya tyo sinusubok ng panahon.

First R2D6 set in Davao on Jan. 14!

CABAL Online Player of the Week : SYRlEN

The Wizard from Venus’ Capella nation and a member of xXAnTiViRuZXx is our player of the week!

How long have you been playing CABAL Online:
I’ve been playing Cabal way back year 2008, 2 Months after the launch. Almost 3 years na.

Why do you like to play CABAL Online:
Because of its cool graphics, the skills, weapons and armors. Cabal is far different from other online games, it is the best of all the best games, actually a friend of mine encourage me to play the game, Honestly I am not fond of playing any sort of computer games then. but when I tried Cabal, I became an avid player of it, and addict maybe .

Favorite Place to Level:
Mutant Forest, hunting for SOD at the same time.

Favorite NPC:
Lady Yekatirina, an ultimate NPC vendor

Most loved CABAL character:
I love Wizards indeed, sila ang laging suki kapag may mg dungeon. at ang bilis pa nla mahirap habulin.

Most challenging quest:
They says Mergaheps Ring the one of the toughest quest . though I got the ring for just 3 runs.

Most hated mob/dungeon boss:
Chackris. always got her shield when her body guards re spawned.

Most hated PvP opponent:
Force Shielders, who can beat them? ang sakit ng critical nla.

Favorite party members:
Each of the characters has its own contribution on each parties, Wizards for SP and Si, Force Archers for Heal (Greater Heal then Mass heal, no need for HP pots.), Force Shielders for SS( those are my Fave Party members)

Any Crushes:
None so far. hehehe but I really admire our Guild Master (why?) simply because when you need help for your quests he’s just a call and game agad sa quest mo especially if it is a dungeon quests.

Tips for newbie players:
To all you guys who just started playing cabal. enjoy the game in the first place, dont use cheats such as BOTs’ , Damage hacks, AOE and the like. let’s play fair. we can enjoy the game if we are playing the way it is as a game.

What is your greatest achievement in CABAL Online?
I’ve been playing Cabal online for almost 3 years, I created 5 characters in one account. maybe to be a fanatic player for that long is somewhat kind of achievement.. hindi ako ng sasawa ka kakalaro.

Give a Shoutout to your friends:
Sa mga ka guild ko, sa mga buddy at mga kakilala.. enjoy the game guys, happy hunting as well, Good Luck

No Server Maintenance for September 22, 2011 plus Discount for Buff Capsules!

Dear CABALists,

Please be informed that there shall be no server maintenance tomorrow (September 22, 2011) for CABAL Online, so you will be able to enjoy playing CABAL Online the whole day tomorrow!

Aside from the all-day CABAL goodness that you’ll be getting, everyone will also be able to avail of discounts for buff capsules. These discounts will take effect tomorrow afternoon, and will be applied to your sought-after buffs! You can then use the money you saved to get the cute Draca pet, which will be released on Friday!

So log-in tomorrow and don’t forget those capsule buffs! See you in-game!


First R2D6 set in Davao on Jan. 14!

[Guild Prime III] Rewarding of Prizes

Greetings, Cabalists!

The Battle for Guild Prime Year III event which lasted for three weeks has finally come to an end. For a complete list of winners, you can go to

Again, we would like to congratulate all of you who participated and for your remarkable efforts in making Guild Prime III an astounding success!

For Guild Prime III’s champions, we would like to share the procedures on how to submit your emblem designs as well as how to claim your other prizes.


All Guild Prime winners (1st,2nd & 3rd placers) will receive a permanent guild emblem and a four-week guild title. In addition, guild members of the GP3 champions will be receive a 30-day costume and an EXP boost.

How Prizes will be Rewarded:

1. Guild Title – the Guild titles will be activated after the scheduled maintenance on September 29

2. EXP Boost will be activated on Oct 1 and 2

3. Costume of choice – to be inserted in the accounts of members of 1st place guilds on September 29

4. Guild Emblem – the Guild masters must submit an email to containing the emblem design along with the following details:

Email Title: GP3 Reward, <Guildname>, <Server>
Guild name:

Character name of Guild Master:

Current number of Guild members:

Contact number:

Nation Represented by Guild: (for 1st placers only)

Costume of Choice: (for 1st placers only)

Notes (or questions):

Required Attachments: Emblem Design (in .bmp and .psd formats)

Screenshot of the Guild Master and the Guild Info (for authentication)


*Target date of emblem application: September 29

Information on Guild Emblem

The Guild Emblem

The Guild Emblem is a small symbol placed in front of the Guild name. It can be used to distinguish guilds from each other, and presently, can only be gained as a prize from a community event.


    1. Image Size : 16 pixels x 16 pixels
    2. File Size: Under 500 kb
    3. File format: bitmap (*.bmp)
    4. Guild emblem is a small image, so it shouldn’t contain too many similar colors or too many curves.
    5. It would be very hard to change the guild emblem once it is applied. Please decide carefully on your guild design.
    6. You can apply Alpha Channel for transparency. In case you do, keep in mind that file size should be 16×16 pixels but opaque image should be 14×14 pixels in the center, and both files should have 1 pixel space at each edge.
    7. Deadline of submission of emblem designs is on Sep 23 (Friday) at 12 noon. The earlier the better, so we can notice you in case there are problems with your design.
    8. Should a guild fail to submit their design on the date specified, we will use the default CABAL logo.

In case you have questions or concerns, you may post here.