Cabal Side Events



  • To join, you must participate in the social activity. Use the Domination FB Profile Picture frame and comment on the post with your IGN and Server.
  • Share the Domination events post on PlayPark CABAL Online PH >Link<
  • We will collect the valid entries within a set timeframe. So we can raffle all the participants and get the top 300 (100 each side event) who will play in the side events.
  • The selected participants must prepare 100 EP to be topped-up and converted to CABAL Cash on the same day of the event.
  • Players can play more up to 5 times by topping up 500EP and converted to CABAL Cash on the same day. (1game = 100 ep)
  • Top up and convert should be in the same day, else rewards are forfeited.
  • Total max game: 6 (100EP + 500EP)
  • All participants must join in this group:



Episode 25: ANCIENTS

Episode 25: ANCIENTS

Showarai has been trying to uncover the greatest secrets of the divine gods. His intention in doing so has always been questioned. Was it to become the best explorer on the continent or was it simply because he is an arrogant human being trying to peek at the secret of God?

In the Panic Cave, Showarai was swallowed up and the cave was known to be destroyed. Some time later, rumors of strange sounds from the Panic Cave began to spread throughout Desert Scream. Jinghiro then journeyed to the place to confirm the rumors. Upon his discovery, it is an ancient temple where the guardian god Anubis and the golden ancient god Sphinx were asleep. Join Jinghiro as he explores the Ancient Tomb and uncover new secrets together!

Note: This setting is same with the global setting for other CABAL Service and will be subject to localization soon.
  1. New Dungeon – Labyrinth
  2. New DX Dungeon – Ancient Tomb (aka PC2)
  3. Secret Shop
  4. Challenge Mission
  5. New Essence Runes
  6. Saints’ Weapon Renewal
  7. Collection System: Special / Event
  8. Other Additions
  9. Other Changes
  10. Mission War

Take a look at some Episode 24P2/25 clips for references

1. Dungeon Information

  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • DP: 10
  • Maximum Number of Participant: 1
  • Daily Dungeon Entry Limit: 3 times, able to refresh up to 2 items (15 / 30 Force Gems)
  • Daily Play Time Limit: 30
  • Bonus Area:
    • For entering the Bonus Area, “Dragon Orb” is needed
      • Dragon Orb is drop from special boss with certain chance
    • Looting certain items will create the broadcast information

2. Dungeon Drops

  • Normal Chest
  • Dragon’s Treasure Box
    • Always drop 5 items at once

  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • DP: 8
  • Maximum Number of Participant: 2
  • Daily Dungeon Entry Limit: N/A
  • Daily Play Time Limit:
    • Weekday 8 hours
    • Weekend 12 hours
  • Entry Item: Hidden Tomb Key
    • Can be purchased from Peddle Unon in Bloody Ice for 3,000,000 Alz + Divine Stone x1

2. Dungeon Drops

  • New NPC “Secret Dealer Hirogley” in Bloody Ice
    • Able to open “Secret Shop” and “Exchange Shop” by talking with NPC

  • If character is not set as the Guild Representative the Challenge Mission UI is not accessible
  • Only one character per account can do the Challenge Mission
  • Challenge Mission can be accessed via:
    • Cabal Menu > Quest & Achievement > Challenge Mission
    • Cabal Bar > New icon is added at bottom-right area of the screen

1. Essence Rune – Attack Rate II / Defense Rate II

  • Exchange Item: Troglo’s Golden Fruit x200
  • Exchange at: Secret Dealer Hirogley

2. Essence Rune – Ignore Evasion

3. Essence Rune – STR II

  • New Recipe for Requesting: Essence Rune – STR II
    • Register Fee: 10,000,000 Alz or Chloe’s Token x5
    • Success Rate: 100%
    • Request Time: 6s
    • Result Item: Essence Rune – STR II (Tradable)
    • Material
      • Dragon Essence of Light x100
      • Dragon Essence of Darkness x100

1. Removal of old Saints’ Weapon System

  • Remove the old Saints’ Weapon Skill
  • Remove announcement of Saints’ Battle
  • Remove the Saints’ Battle

2. New Saints’ Weapon Quest

  • At Monday 0:00 Server time, a random character will be selected for each Battle Style, that character must satisfy these criteria:
    • Is registered as Guild Representative character
    • Achieved at least Challenge Mission Rank 3 during the week
    • Level 200
  • Quest will automatically accepted and can only be done by selected character
    • Character needs to go to Lakeside in the area of the old Saints’ Battle and move to the small dungeon using the warp portal to take the Saints’ Weapon
    • Saints’ Weapon will be until 23:55 of the next Monday
    • During the ownership of the Saints’ Weapon, a special title “Chosen by Force Calibur” will be applied for character
    • Quest cannot be deleted

1. New Collections

  • Special Collection: New tab of collection for collecting items that can be obtained in dungeons / world
  • Event Collection: Collection which is available for a certain time

2. Details of Collection

3. Special Buff

  • By completing the Event Collection, special buff will be granted

4. Collection Chest

  1. Added Platinum Insignia Merit Special Mastery Chest
    • Item to seal Platinum Insignia Merit Mastery’s Special Mastery in order to make item tradable
    • When used,originally applied Special Mastery will be deleted
  2. Added Memorise Extender – Platinum Insignia
    • Item to expand Platinum Insignia Merit Mastery Memorise
    • Can use up to max 5
  3. Added Unbinding stone name change and add for Ultimate
    • Change “Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone” to “Sirius’ Unbinding Stone”
    • Add the ability for unbinding Demonite items
      • Sirius’ Unbinding Stone (Ultimate) – Armour / Weapon
        • Target: Demonite items +10 and above
      • Minesta’s Unbinding Stone (Ultimate) – Armour / Weapon
        • Target: Demonite items
  4. Add the feature for auto-sort
    • Target: Inventory / Warehouse
      • Inactive tabs of Inventory / Warehouse will not be sorted
    • Cannot use when using
      • Using Auction House
      • Rolling for item from Party drop
      • Using Guild Warehouse
      • Opening Personal Shop
      • Trading
  5. Add Mass-Extraction
    • Able to extract multiple items at once
  6. Add the Event Inventory
  7. Add feature to open multiple Random Box at once

  1. Fixed error of character movement (action) becoming unavailable after Battle mode change fail
  2. Fixed error of Force to warp at the entrance when move to certain area inside Steamer Crazy dungeon
  3. Fixed error of various stack-able items that had abnormal numbers shown for dungeon clear reward
  4. Fixed error of Alz rewarded when Gladiator class finished ‘Basic Fighting
  5. Fixed error of Colour code shown in certain quest scripts
  6. Changed Alz drop in certain field Alz drop
    • Target Field: Bloody Ice, Desert Scream, Green Despair, Port Lux, Fort Ruina, Undead Ground, Forgotten Ruin, Lakeside
  7. Changed Skill Train/Untrain cost decreased
    • Alz needed for skill training decreased
  8. Changed Alz reward for Quest Reward Alz for Lv.100 and below
  9. Added Dungeon Camera max zoom and entry view adjust
  10. Added Auto Alpha applied on several fields and dungeons
  11. Changed Slot Extender(High / Highest / Ultimate) Drop rate increased in certain dungeons
  12. Changed Illusion Castle Underworld Dungeon related
    • Illusion stone quest and item drop deleted
    • Dungeon Clear Reward original honour point changed from 10,000 to 100,000
  13. Changed Forgotten Temple B1F Dungeon Quest Item and related script
    • Item name change from Purify Epaulet to Cat Stone gained by Mutant Researcher NPC
  14. Changed Legendary Cube – Mithril weapon removed from Tower of the dead B3F(Part 2) Item drop
  15. Changed Hollia Windhill Dungeon Entry Item “Piece of Mysterious Statue” item purchase cost increased to 500,000 alz +20 Force Essence
  16. Changed default number of Time Reducer and Elixir required
  17. Fixed error of disconnection with server when using Crushing Blow skill near obstacles
  18. Fixed error of client shut down when mouse cursor goes over certain area while converting Core Enhancer
  19. Fixed error of repair Kit usable on +15 or under broken status item
  20. Fixed error of stack-able elixir used during attack causing attack to stop
  21. Fixed error of Character falling into floor error in Senillinea field(X:143,Y:132)
  22. Fixed error of certain abnormal options of Chaos safeguard items
  23. Changed certain monsters to look and walk more naturally
  24. Fixed error of Platinum Insignia Tool Tip
  25. Added Setting/Display option applied area range divided
  26. Changed account bind from Essence of Wing gained in Holia Windhill
    • Essence of Wing (Account bind) previously gained will not be changed
  27. Changed Elixir of Unity (Honour) gained from guild treasure stat increase
  28. Changed action message from “Miss” to “Protect” during “Immortal” state of a character
  29. Changed UI: improve to select monster and change by page change available
  30. Changed when Character Critical Rate cumulative stat exceeds max critical rate,numbers will be shown in red colour
    • Ex) 75%/70%
  31. Added Total time of time reducer shown in Time Reducer item tool tip
  32. Changed Item upgrade button image changed in Inventory UI
  33. Added Uls that use double tab UI in inside tab button made different with main tab
  34. Changed Upgrade safeguard item description and some UI messages

  1. Mission War Balance Adjusted
    • Highest Mission War (Lv. 200) Legacy guardian/structure defense stat increase
    • Change in Portable FT Panel Build list
    • Force Tower stat increased
    • Force Tower Build Time decreased
  2. Mission Battlefield convenience upgraded
    • Tiera Gloriosa
      • Remove several bases and add new paths to improve long paths
      • All 1 cell areas expanded to more than 2 cells
      • Map floor tile colour changed depending on side
    • Memoria Chrysos
      • Several bases and moving paths deleted
      • New moving paths added, monster hunting attack available
  3. Changes in Character Resurrect and Protection Time
    • Character protect time when resurrected changed from 2 sec to 4 sec
    • Defense score gained when using wing protect skill during Mission War
  4. Losing nation Revenge Force buff level and reward increase with extra Merit Medal reward
    • Refer to the image below
  5. Make item extract unavailable during Mission War
  6. Movement interference effect added when attacking Legacy Guardian


Patch notes Credits to Mr. Wormy

Flame Nest Update

Flame Nest Update

  • Modification/change

1. Essense Rune – improved damage reduction ignoring skill

2. Drop change in some dungeons

3. Change in potion & material item maximum combination limit

4. Change in skill animation

5. Change in special box logic

A. Doesn’t require 2*2 inventory for each item, able to earn item if space enough to receive
B. When items could be combined, items will be received as combined condition

i. When user receives 3 bundles of 3 special coupon for round bonus, it is provided as 1 bundle of 9 special coupon

6. Change in moster ‘Exhausted Auretia’ in guild dungeon

A. New force code ‘Differential Damage Resist’

i. Differential Damage Resist force code added

a. Stat of differential damage resist will be used as standard damage as absolute damage resist

– When normal attacks, receives only standard damage

b. Additional damage proportional to casting time on standard damage

– 10% additional damage per 0.1 casting time

ii. Exhausted Auretia’s differential damage resistance is 1,000

c. 1,000 damage is applied when normal attacks regardless of critical authenticity
d. When Wind Blade skill (1.7 cast time) is used, 1000 + (1000*170%) = 2700 damage applied

B. Monster’s HP is changed from 300,000 to 600,000

7. Tab in guild activity tab is saved when guild window is closed
8. Change in Eternal Chaos Arena / Glacies Inferna Daily Entrance Count

A. Eternal Chaos Arena: Changed from 60 to 50
B. Glacies Inferna: Changed from 70 to 40

9. Patren’s appearance changed in quest progression

A. Appearing Quest

i. Awakened Lord of Destruction
ii. Seal

10. Temporary elimination of social skill ‘Dance2(Tell-me dance)’ due to copyright term expiration

A. When Dance2 skill is used, Dance3 is activated

/dance2, /dancing2, tell-me

B. Dance3 is used normally as before

11.Error fixed where normal items with bind characteristics on fields upper Mutant Forest
12. Error fixed where Warp Stone and Protection of Veradrix couldn’t be used in quick slot
13. Modified mission festival mission balance

A. Revised some mission’s requested quantity and time limit

14. Error fixed warehouse related error

A. Fixed error that guild warehouse was full when more than 218 items were moved from guild warehouse
B. Fixed error that server died when there were more than 954 items in the warehouse

15. Error fixed when the user could not connect to server when changing account during equipping certain amount of equipment
16. Error fixed when knock back attacks unmovable monster or gate, ‘miss’ occurs and could not kill

A. Monster option changed so monsters that might have problem with coordinate won’t get knock back
B. Targeted Monster

17. Error fixed where user is warped outside dungeon when leaving guild in dungeon
18. Error fixed where won character could not warp after guild war
19. Error fixed where marked client casting time of skill and real animation play time were different

A. Targeted skill

20. Agent related error fixed

A. Error fixed where soul core agent category couldn’t be searched
B. Error fixed where options of some registered item in agent shop were changed abnormally

21. Error fixed where Stackable item(including GM’s Blessing Holy Water) could be combined when there’s none
22. Guild rank related error fixed

A. Error fixed where guild rank information was shown abnormally

i. Error fixed where rank information was abnormally shown bringing guild rank information before mission festival related information
ii. Revised to bring guild member’s rank with mission festival guild member information

B. Error fixed where scroll wasn’t working properly when characters in weekly guild rank was more than one page (more than 13 characters)

23. Error fixed where unstackable item was applied abnormally in special inventory when looted
24. Error fixed where item bought by coupon was deleted on Monday 5am, not 3 days after date of purchase
25. Error fixed where scroll bar location was abnormal in personal tab of mission festival
26. Error fixed when male character is wearing ‘Steam Funky Mast’ , his neck is shown as skin color

  • Mission War

1. Separation of Mission War Section

A. Separation of mission war section

i. Applied to both Tiera Gloriosa and Memoria Chrysos

B. Separation of receivable Merit Medal/Honor Medal Score

C. Limits added to honor medal score / level sharing condition

D. Score/rank and winning streak/losing streak information initializes on the day of update based on section separation

2. Mission war balance modifcation

A. Mission war period of Tiera Gloriosa decreased from 50 minutes to 40 minutes
B. Renewed balance of guardian of mission war, structure and gold coin guardian

3. Mission war defeated nation buff ‘Revenge Force’ Upgraded

A. Parts of Defense/Resist Critical DMG/Resist Skill Amp. Value increased

Captain Jack is Back ! (Biggest Spender Rewards)

Captain Jack is Back ! (Biggest Spender Rewards)

Citizens of Nevareth, the Captain is back!

Captain Jack's Rewards.jpg

Don’t miss the chance to claim his reward, join the Captain Jack’s Reward starting this July 30 to August 1, 2019

Event Mechanics:

Counting of  Points = Top Up, Convert and Purchase


  • Only conversions from EP to CABAL Cash will be counted during the event period.
  • Vouchers are not counted.
  • You will only win the highest prizes that you have reached.

Biggest Spender Rewards: 1st Place (Rewards are Account-Bind)

  • [90D] +15 6/6 Extreme Upgrade Craftsmans Palladium Weapon of Choice 1pc and Armor of Choice 1pc
  • Slot Extender Highest
  • Perfect Core Highest x5
  • Arcana of Chaos +11
  • Arcana of Laws +11
  • Arcana of Guardian +11
  • [90D] Blessing Bead Ultimate
  • [90D] Unique Costume of Choice
  • [90D] Black Wing of Fatal and Penetration
  • [90D] Arcana of Chaos +15
  • [90D] Arcana of Guardian +15
  • Force Gem Package x1000

Biggest Spender Rewards: 2nd Place (Rewards are Account-Bind)

  • [60D] +15 Archridium Weapon of Choice 1pc or Armor of Choice 1pc
  • Arcana of Chaos +11
  • Arcana of Laws +11
  • Perfect Core Highest x5
  • [60D] Blessing Bead Ultimate
  • [60D] Unique Costume of Choice
  • [60D] Black Wing of Fatal and Penetration
  • Force Gem Package x500

Biggest Spender Rewards: 3rd Place (Rewards are Account Bind)

  • [30D] +15 Mithril Weapon of Choice 1pc or Armor of Choice 1pc
  • Arcana of Chaos +11
  • Perfect Core Highest x5
  • [30D] Blessing Bead Ultimate
  • [30D] Unique Costume of Choice
  • [30D] Black Wing of Fatal and Penetration
  • Force Gem Package x300

Prize for 50,000 Credits

Top up, convert, and purchase items for at least 50,000 Credits and you will get the following:

  • Force Gem 1000
  • Pet Option Untrain x10
  • Slot Extender Highest
  • Perfect Core Highest x5
  • Arcana of Guardian+11
  • Arcana of Laws +11
  • Arcana of Chaos +11
  • Enchant Safeguard High x10
  • Enchant Safeguard Highest x10
  • Epic Booster x5
  • 7D Happy Bday Ring

Prize for 30,000 Credits

  • Force Gem 500
  • Pet Option Untrain x5
  • Slot Extender Highest
  • Perfect Core Highest x3
  • Arcana of Guardian+9
  • Arcana of Laws +9
  • Arcana of Chaos +9
  • Enchant Safeguard High x5
  • Enchant Safeguard Highest x5
  • 7D Happy Bday Ring

Prize for 10,000 Credits

  • Force Gem 300
  • Pet Option Untrain x3
  • Perfect Core Highest x3
  • Arcana of Guardian+7
  • Arcana of Laws +7
  • Arcana of Chaos +7
  • Enchant Safeguard High x3
  • Enchant Safeguard Highest x3
  • 7D Happy Bday Ring

Prize for 5,000 Credits

  • 15D [Unique Costume] CABAL Highschool +90 Penetration
  • 15D Black Wing of Fatal and Penetration
  • 15D Blessing Bead Ultimate
  • 3D Happy Birthday Ring
  • 10 pcs Gale and Typhoon Elixirs
  • 10 pcs Flawless Defense Holy Waters
  • 10 pcs Hyper Odd Circles
  • Extreme Core Pocket Premium
  • Force Gems x300

Convert at least 2000 CABAL Cash and Still Win!

For all CABALists who convert at least 2000 CABAL Cash during the event Period

Rewards: (Character Binding)

  • 7D [Unique Costume] CABAL Highschool +90 Penetration
  • 1D Happy Birthday Ring
  • 10 pcs Gale and Typhoon Elixirs
  • 10 pcs Flawless Defense Holy Waters
  • 10 pcs Hyper Odd Circles

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