Episode XXIII

Episode XXIII

* Main Contents

1. Guild Dungeon

A. Guild dungeon ‘Flame Dimension’

i. Difficulty (Level)

a. It’s in 5 levels: easy/normal/hard/heroic/awakened
b. It resets to random level at 00:00 (server time) everyday
c. For each level, clear reward is different

– The level can be changed using force gem (to be updated)

ii. Entry limit

a. From 7 to 25 players

iii. Dungeon flow and monster information
iv. Guild dungeon process

a. To open guild dungeon:

– Dungeon master gets to ‘Trial Entrance’ via NPC Terren
– From ‘Guild Dungeon’ UI (tombstone shaped dungeon portal), select desired dungeon to open
– When dungeons open, members who are on-line will be informed by system message, guild chat and right corner below

b. Open cost: 1 Blazing Crystal



– Price: 4,000,000 Alz (Available in guild shop)
– Requirement: Guild level 6 above

c. Daily open limit: Total 30 times per 1 guild
d. To join guild dungeon party:

– Click ‘Join Party’ from guild dungeon UI and the character will be placed to Trial Entrance automatically
– Go to Trial Entrance directly then click ‘Join Party’

e. Join cost: 1 Blazing Crystal

– The item disappears when joining party, and it won’t be restored even if one leaves the party

f. Joined members can use/apply buff not being affected by total number of party
g. No additional member can join the party that entered dungeon already
h. To enter guild dungeon:

– Dungeon master clicks ‘Enter Dungeon’ button from guild dungeon UI
– Members in Trial Entrance with same channel will be entered in 10 seconds automatically
– If one fails to enter automatically or requirement is not met, click dungeon warp to enter manually

i. Dungeon entry limit

– Dungeon entry time limit: 10 minutes after dungeon opens
– If not entered within 10 minutes, the dungeon will be abandoned, the party will be dismissed and the entry item won’t be restored

v. Dungeon clear reward

a. Bless of Unity Lv.1

– All members will obtain it when dungeon is cleared
– Lasts 24 hours from the point which last party has cleared
– Stats




b. Cube of Blaze





– Party members will obtain it when dungeon is cleared and differential rewards will be given based on the difficulty
– Obtained cube can be opened from guild dungeon UI after 7 hour and 50 minutes
– Cube opens in order of looting and can be stored up to 3 maximum
– Unwanted cube can be deleted and it can’t be restored after (Next reward will be available for open in 8 hours)
– Can’t obtain while using personal trade, agent shop, personal shop
– Cube drops Essence of Chaos Guardian in certain rates

c. Token of Unity




– Drops with random items from Cube of Blaze and differential reward will be given based on difficulty
– Token of Unity are used for purchasing below items





vi. Tips for Dungeon

a. Color of monster’s dialogue can be used as guides

– Orange dialogue: Indicates patterns of monsters
– Red dialogue: Indicates phase change caused by boss HP
– Yellow balloon: Indicates key monster that has to be eliminated to go further
– Red balloon: Indicates regular dialogue

vii. To dismiss the party after dungeon clear:

a. Dungeon master can disband manually
b. In 10 seconds after dungeon clear, all party members will be moved to Trial Entrance and be dismissed automatically

viii. Event items do not drop in guild dungeon

B. New area, UI and guild member rank system

i. New guild icon / menu located on bar below

a. Guild UI shows up when clicked













ii. Guild member rank system

a. New rank ‘Guild Admin’ has almost same authority with guild master
b. Authority based on guild member rank








c. Maximum number of guild manager is different based on guild level




d. Dungeon master

– Has authority to open guild dungeon
– Only guild master and guild admin can have this authority

iii. ‘Guild Dungeon’, ‘Guild Treasure’ tab in guild UI

a. Each tab displays available guild dungeons that are opened and guild treasure in progress with remaining time

b. Support UI shows various information about guild dungeon

– Displays opened dungeon, number of joined guild member and dungeon can be entered from it
– Displays Dungeon count time when entering Dungeon

iv. Guild dungeon area ‘Trial Entrance’

a. Guild member and characters above lv. 160 can enter this area
b. Can be entered via new NPC Terren (X:14, Y:65) from Bloody Ice

– New NPC Terren








c. Guild dungeon can only be opened from this area

2. Guild Quest ‘Mission Festival’ System

A. ‘Mission Festival’ tab and UI added in Guild window

i. Guild members can check personal/guild ranking, guild point and mission list information from Mission Festival tab
ii. When Mission Festival period ends, participated members can check reward information from Mission Festival tab
iii. Announcement will show 5 minutes before/after Mission Festival period to notify ranking calculation time













B. Mission Festival Period and Participation

i. Period

a. Mission Period (7D) → Reward Period (3D) → Event Close (On standby until next event)
b. Once a month, from after Friday update to Monday 9am

ii. Participation

a. Requirement: Lv. 150 above (Must be joined in guild before event runs)
b. One representative character per account can join guild event

C. Mission List and Detail

i. Mission List

a. Total 30 missions exist
b. Each mission has different time limit and guild points to earn

ii. Mission Detail


















iii. Mission Complete

a. When mission starts, it will disappear from the mission list that guild members share
b. On empty mission slot, new mission will appear after 30 minutes of cool time
c. Mission complete limit

– Each member can complete up to 7
– 20 Force Gem can extend one count, up to 2 maximum
– Abandoned or failed missions won’t recover mission counts

d. Ongoing mission can be abandoned
e. Guild point is earned when mission is cleared
f. Mission Instant Renewal

– Mission can be instantly renewed by using 5 force gem
– Its feature can be used by all guild members who are participating the event
– Renewal count is limited to 100 and shared among all guild members (May change in the future)

g. Delete mission

– Guild master, guild admin can delete mission
– Empty mission slot turns to standby status for recreation

D. Mission reward

i. All rewards will be sent via in-game mail (Unopened mails will be deleted on expiration)
ii. Guild level rewards

a. Guild level

– Guild level gets determined by total guild point earned among all members
– Total 12 levels exist by guild point distribution

b. Rewards based on guild level

– You can receive all rewards on level you reached (When you reach level 3, rewards from 1~3 are all receivable)
– On ranking rewards, only one of 5 star items can be selected/received
– Members who completed mission at least once will be rewarded
– Reward item list




























c. Badge of Unity

– Link weapon item that can be received for guild point/ranking reward by participating the event
– Stats




iii. Guild ranking rewards

a. Ranking calculation criteria

– Individual: Personal guild point → Number of missions that completed → Joined date
– Guild: Total guild points of top 100 members

b. Rewards based on ranking

– Only top 3 ranked guilds can receive
– Rewards will only be sent to top 100 users from top 3 guilds that have the most guild points in total
– Rewards will be sent via in-game mail automatically when event ends
– Reward item list









iv. Other rules

a. Members who leave guild during Mission Festival period

– One’s gained points will be gone
– Can’t participate the event even if rejoin the guild

b. Members who are not participating

– Can still check guild ranking, point, and mission status

3. New ‘Astral Bike – QW7’

A. Image






B. Requirement: Lv. 160
C. Drop information

i. Legendary box/cube in Forgotten Temple B3F
ii. Legendary box/cube in Mirage Island

D. Bike warehouse

i. Bike exclusive and personal warehouse can all be used independently
ii. Warehouse opens from QW7 and PW5 is same

a. Warehouse Keeper menu has changed from ‘Open PW5 Exclusive Inventory ‘ to ‘Open Bike Exclusive Warehouse’

iii. Bike Warehouse cannot be used

a. When bike warehouse is empty
b. From other bikes that don’t have warehouse feature

E. Upgrade

i. Cost for upgrade is same as original
ii. Stats for each upgrade level











F. Add slot option

i. Option can be given to selected slot using Bike Option Scroll (Ultimate)
ii. Cost for adding option



iii. Option / stats









G. Add epic option

i. Add epic option using Bike Epic Converter(Ultimate) (Can be used on +7 upgrade level and 2 slots above)
ii. Bike Epic Converter Box(Ultimate) crafting recipe




iii. Epic option / stats






iv. Destroy/Extract

a. Bike Option Scroll(Ultimate) can be obtained in chance 

4. Chaos Upgrade on Amulet

A. Chaos upgrade can be done on amulets after adding Chaos option using Chaos Converter

i. Chaos Converter can be used on unequipped amulets
ii. Applied amulets

a. Orphidia’s Amulet
b. Amulet of Resist +4, +5
c. Amulet of Pain +6, +7
d. Amulet of Guard +10
e. Vamparic Amulet +6

B. Can be upgraded up to level 15
C. Upgrade result

i. Success: Add chaos Level +1
ii. Failure: Remove chaos type (Original item will not be affected)

D. Upgrade information
E. Chaos Safeguard – Amulet

i. It can be requested via Craft Merchant Chloe in Port Lux



ii. Essence of Chaos Guardian – Amulet

a. Drops from final boss of Eternal Chaos Arena
b. Drops in ‘Cube of Octane (easy~awakened) for guild dungeon reward

F. Stats on each upgrade level






G. Chaos Upgrade Amulets can be sealed by using Chaos Seal Stone
H. New Category in agent shop.

i. Upgrade Items > Chaos Safeguard > Chaos Safeguard – Amulet
ii. Craft Items > Enchant Safeguard Material > Essence of Chaos Guardian(Amulet)

5. Legend Arena Change and Addition

A. New daily reward

i. Will be given based on daily play record of Legend Arena
ii. Will be given based on ranking of daily best score

a. Daily ranking refreshes every 2 hours from midnight
b. At midnight, rewards will be sent via in-game mail based on final ranking of the day before (reward mail will be stored indefinitely until it gets opened)
c. Final ranking of previous day will display from 00:00 to 02:00 everyday

iii. Daily reward will be given to top 30 characters for each battle style
iv. Daily reward by ranking







B. Season reward change

i. Season reward ‘Token of Baldus’ has changed to ‘Honor of Nevareth’
ii. Honor of Nevareth

a. Will be given at midnight on Monday when the season is over (Unopened mails will be deleted after 7 days)
b. 7D durational item. Character Bind

iii. For each battle style, top 100 users will be rewarded
iv. Season reward presents in rank 1~6, and it will be given based on ranking
v. Season reward by ranking
















C. Exclusive Buff

i. Obtains randomly when entering Legend Arena
ii. Attained buff only applies in Legend Arena and it will be disappeared when dungeon is finished or abandoned
iii. Attainable buff kind and chance

D. Gameplay Improvement

i. Season Target score increased to 5,000

a. Players have to score 5,000 at least to clear the dungeon

ii. Legend Arena’s time limit shortened down to 2 minutes

a. Boss monster’s attack pattern has been changed due to shortened time limit

E. Daily Entry Limit and Reward change

i. Daily entry limit for Legend arena has now changed to 7 from 5
ii. Daily reward can now be received at 3 / 5 / 7 (was 2 / 4 / 5 originally)

F. Legend Arena UI changed

i. Daily Ranking tab added on main UI
ii. Daily Ranking reward menu added in rewards list from main UI

* Additional Features

1. Added limitations on item dividing (Rolling a Dice or Immediate Settlement)

A. Changed to block receiving Special Giftbox item reward while distributing the items in a party.
B. Changed to stop auto-receive feature in Special Giftbox reward items while distributing the items in a party.
C. Changed to block using guild warehouse while distributing the items in a party.
D. Changed to block combining items while distributing the times in a party.

2. Added text balloon in Mirage Island dungeon
3. New Costumes Added









* Fixes and Changes

1. Changed Character Lv1~30 difficulty

A. Reduced Quest Mission Difficulties







B. Lowered the stat of monsters below Lv. 30 in Beginner village and Quest Dungeons

2. Improved random village coordinate function
3. Changed and added on Bike/Board functions

A. Separated Epic option and slot option by bike grade

i. Removed Accuracy and Penetration option from available slot option/epic option in Blue/RW3 Bike.
ii. Removed Critical DMG Resistance and Resist Critical Rate option from available slot option/epic option in PW5 Bike.

B. Added Bike Option Scroll (Ultimate) to drop when extracting some bikes.

i. Astral Board Card – K Red
ii. Astral Board Card – K Violet
iii. Astral Board Card – K Red Crystal Edition
iv. Astral Bike Card – PW5

C. Bike Parts (Ultimate) drop added

i. Legendary box and cube from Forgotten Temple B3F
ii. Legendary box and cube from Mirage Island

4. Improved Honor Medal

A. Changed Honor Medal info to account base.

i. Changed Honor Medal info to account base from character base.
ii. Honor Medal Info is shared by the account characters that have reached Honor Rank 20
iii. However, Honor Medal slot options are applied by characters

B. Reset Honor Medal Info

i. Reset Honor Medal Info for all characters with 1 or more Honor Medal points
ii. Honor Medal info that was applied to each character is sealed with the Honor Medal Seal Chest and sent by mail.

C. Honor Medal Seal Chest

i. Item that seals or apply the Honor Medal Info
ii. The item is tradable. Right click to apply.
iii. Honor Medal Slot options are not sealed, after sealed level is reset.
iv. Using Honor Medal Seal Chest with Honor Medal Info stored

a. When right-click seal chest, stored Honor Medal Info will apply to the account
b. The current Honor Medal slot info stays the same, only the slot option level changes by the Honor Medal info

5. Removed Bind-option on Cursed Ring of Dr. Mazel
6. Improved the view of Chaos Seal Stone in agent shop by types
7. Special Giftbox changes and improvements
8. Fixed an error of game disconnection when entering Panic Cave(Awakened)
9. Fixed an error of game disconnection when auto-potion was used at the same time dungeon was paused.
10. Fixed an error that could have killed the chat server while renewing character name
11. Fixed an error that changed Character’s birthday info and reset the gift-receiving info
12. Fixed an error that expansion icon was not correctly displayed when slot was expanded using Slot Extender.
13. Fixed an error that to Jing-na’s treasure chest in Forbidden Island(Awakened) dungeon had a total probability greater than 100%
14. Fixed an error that Gem of Liberation dropped from Legendary Cube – Pandemonium had option 0
15. Fixed an error that could have sent quest complete packets without killing the quest monster.

A. Fixed an error that NPC, which is available after certain monster is dead, was available even before the monster spawned.
B. Related NPC

i. Maquinas Outpost

a. NPC that summons ARM-05 Arma Obvit in Elaborate Information Network quest

16. Fixed an error that some attack FX was breaking through the floor

A. Issued dungeon and FX lists

i. Hazardous Valley (Awakened) : Meteor trap area (Awakened Troll Hunter)
ii. Pandemonium: Guardian Manticore’s Meteor Pattern (activates at HP below 50%)
iii. Forgotten Temple B3F: Shock area
iv. Mirage Island: Meteor trap area (Guardian Char Chor area)
v. Flame Dimension: Meteor Trap pattern (activates at Boss HP below 50%))

17. Fixed an error that skill train/untrained options were displayed wrong information
18. Fixed an error that required number of Force essence was not renewed while Force Wing auto-growth is checked
19. Fixed an error that male Merry Christmas costume appeared abnormally when equipped.
20. Fixed an error that some valentine theme objects were not alpha-handled
21. Fixed an error that pet training was possible on Anima Gem.

Cabal Reloaded Pandemonium

Cabal Reloaded Pandemonium

The Devil's Tower New Login System New Costumes





A. Dungeon information:

Dungeon Name: Devil’s Tower
Level Requirement: Lv. 180 and above / BSLV. 11 and above
Entry Item: Devil’s Key at Bloody Ice Grocer Deighton
Price: 4,000,000 Alz
Location: Porta Inferno (219,230)
Time Limit: 20 minutes
DP Reward: 6 DP
Max Users: 4 players
Daily Limit: Max 2-times per character

B. Drop Item Information:

Item name: The Devil Token (High) – can be used to purchase items at Incubo Evil Store

C. Incubo Evil Store

Location: Devil’s Tower entrance, Devil Merchant NPC Incubo

Items for sale:

* Quartz Core (Topaz) x 127 = 2 Tokens
* Quartz Core (Sigmetal) x 127 = 3 Tokens
* Astral Core (Red Osmium) x 127 = 1 Token
* Astral Core (Sigmetal) x 127 = 1 Token
* Material Core (Red Osmium) x 127 = 1 Token
* Material Core (Sigmetal) x 127 = 2 Tokens
* Upgrade Core (Piece) x 127 = 1 Token
* Force Core (Piece) x 127 = 1 Token
* Upgrade Core (Crystal) x 127 = 10 Tokens
* Force Core (Crystal) x 127 = 10 Tokens

A. Dungeon Information

Dungeon Name: Devil’s Tower (Part 2)
Level Requirement: Lv. 190 and above / BSLv. 11 and above
Entry Item: Revived Devil’s Key at Bloody Ice Grocer Deighton
Price: 8,000,000 Alz
Location: Porta Inferno (219,230)
Time Limit: 20 minutes
DP Reward: 7 DP
Max Users: 4 players
Daily Limit: Max 2-times per character

B. Drop Item Information:

Item name: The Devil Token (Highest) – can be used to purchase items at Secubo Evil Store

C. Secubo Evil Store

Location: Devil’s Tower entrance, Devil Merchant NPC Secubo

* Selling item that can be purchased using the Devil Token (Highest) item

DX Dungeon

A. Dungeon Information

Dungeon Name: Acheron Arena
Level Requirement: Lv. 190 and above / BSLv. 11 and above
Entry Item: Key of Grudged Warrior at Bloody Ice Grocer Deighton
Price: 4,000,000 Alz
Location: Bloody Ice (78, 23)
Time Limit: 20 minutes
DP Reward: 6 DP
Max Users: 3 players

B. Drop Item Information

Essence Rune (Normal DMG Up)

– Amplify normal (non-critical) number by the (%)
– Required Level: Lv. 144 and above
– Ability and Train info

* Level > 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
* Ability > 1% 2% 3% 4% 5% 6% 7% 8% 9% 10%
* Train > Required AP > 200 205 210 215 220 225 230 235 240 250
* Train > Upgrade Core (Highest) > 0 10 10 10 15 15 15 20 20 20

Battle Aura Changes:

A. Details

i. All aura types can be learned
ii. Auras are specified for each class and divided by attack types and defense types
a. Earth Aura: Aura mode same as the previous mode.
b. Flame Aura: Attack type aura mode which increase the amplifying kind of ability.
c. Lightning Aura: Attack type aura mode which increase the critical kind of ability.
d. Aqua Aura: Defense type aura mode which uses war type defense ability
e. Ice Aura: Defense type aura mode which increase defenses in dungeons.
f. Wind Aura: Deleted

B. Acquisition method

i. Earned from Quests
Only ‘Earth Aura can be earned from the original quest [Bitter Cold, One].
ii. Earned from requesting craft
“The Soul Key: Craft Merchant Chloe sells for 10,000,000 ALZ**

C. Usage

i. Only one aura mode can be used at a time
ii. All aura mode shares cool down time
iii. Once learned, aura mode cannot be learned again
iv. Consumes “Inner Orb” when casting Aura modes (Except Earth Aura)

– Inner Orb – Available at Bloody Ice Merchant Deighton for 100,000 alz (1ea)

D. Aura Mode Ability

Flame Aura (War/Skill Amp)

Critical Rate: 17%
All Skill Amp: 14%
Attack: 79, Magic Attack: 144
Attack Rate: 2,500
Accuracy: 100
Penetration: 25
Ignore DMG Reduction: 50
Ignore Resist Skill Amp: 6%
Ignore Resist Knock Back: 5%
Ignore Down Resistance: 5%
Ignore Stun Resistance: 5%

Aqua Aura (War/Defense)

Critical Rate 17%
Attack Rate 2,000
Defense: 450
Defense Rate: 200
DMG Reduction: 30
Ignore Accuracy: 100
Resist Skill Amp: 6%
Resist Critical DMG 14%
Ignore Resist Knock Back: 5%
Ignore Down Resistance: 5%
Ignore Stun Resistance: 5%

Lightning Aura (Dungeon/Critical)

Critical Rate: 17%
Critical Damage: 32%
Attack: 79, Magic Attack: 144
Attack Rate: 2,000
Accuracy: 200
Penetration: 30

Ice Aura (Dungeon/Defense)

Critical Rate: 17%
Attack Rate: 2,000
HP: 300
Defense: 450
Defense Rate: 400
Evasion: 200
DMG reduction: 50
Ignore Penetration: 50

Updates and Changes:

– Carnelian Max Enchant Level Expanded

* Expanded Carnelian’s max enchant level from +15 to +20
* Enchant fail penalty on +15 Carnelian
* Failure does not destroy the item. Item grade is maintained for degraded status.
* Will not fall below +15 when enchant failed

– Item ability: Ability > Values: 16,17,18,19,20

* Defense: 100, 120, 130, 145, 170
* Defense Rate: 240, 260, 280, 310, 350
* DMG reduction: 45, 50, 55, 60, 70
* Critical Damage UP: 9%, 10%, 11%, 13%, 16%
* All Skill AMP: 5%, 6%, 7%, 8%, 10%
* Boost HP restoration: 30, 30, 30, 30, 30
* Penetration: 25, 30, 30, 30, 30
* HP Increase: 50, 100, 150, 200, 250

– Title Slot Expansion

* Expanded Title slot from 2 – 4

– Original: Displayed Title, Title with Ability
– Changed: Title Shown, Event Title, War/PvP Title, Ability Title

* Three titles other than the ‘Title Shown’ can be used. Title options (stats) will be applied accordingly.
* Display titles based on the priorities set as follows: Display Title → Event only Title → War / PvP Only Title → Ability-applied Title
* In mission wars, [Bringer] title applies as top priority

– Overlord Quests

* “Guard -Ancient Ghost” NPC and Shop Added in Bloody Ice
Daily Quest ‘Hursurf’s Daily Request I - X’
Activate quest based on the Character’s Overlord Level (Total 10 Level Range)
Essence of Ancient Soul

– Gains certain amount of OXP when used.
– Expires after 3 hours / Character Bind
– Can be exchanged using ‘Hursurf’s Letter + Core Item (can choose) at the Ancient Ghost - Guard NPC store.

– Dungeon Play Time Limit

* Set groups of dungeons and limit each dungeon’s total daily play time.
* Daily dungeon play time is deducted when a dungeon is played. Player will not be able to enter the dungeon if there is not enough time left in daily dungeon play time. However, if dungeon is currently being played, player can re-enter the dungeon even without any dungeon play time left.
* Play time will not decrease when dungeon is paused.
* Dungeon play time is shared with all characters within the account
* Dungeon play time will reset on 0 o’ clock every day.
* Dungeon play time related UI displayed on Dungeon Dialogue
* The Time tab displays the time given by the day of the week and the time added as an event for the selected dungeon group.
* Tooltip displayed to see the remaining dungeon play time of the group by moving mouse over the dungeon list.
* The charging dialogue shows the list of dungeons to the same dungeon group. And allows player to charge play time by selecting goods and time.

– Refill Cost

* Cannot refill play time if remaining time passes on to the next day. (ex: if refill dungeon play time 23:00, cannot refill more than 1 hour.

– Dungeon play time will not decrease when Blessing Bead -EXP (100%) is used.
– When Blessing Bead -EXP is used in the dungeon, the time will not decrease the moment bead is used.
– If Blessing Bead -EXP expires during dungeon playing, the time will start decreasing the moment bead expires.
– When Blessing Bead -EXP is applied, player can enter dungeon even if dungeon play time is 0.

– Daily Dungeon Entry Limit

* Daily dungeon entry limited to 5 times per account
* Once entered the dungeon, the number of entry allowed will be deducted regardless of success/failure of the dungeon. However, player can re-enter the dungeon without losing the entry count when disconnected from the game due to abnormal situation.
* Play can reset daily dungeon entry count using Force Gem. *Some dungeons (ex. Devil’s Tower) cannot be reset.

– Daily entry count resets on midnight every day.
– Normal dungeon is also marked in the form of an elite dungeon (the remaining number of entries) / (the limited number of entries) if the limit is imposed.
– If you have used all of the dungeon entry counts and entry count resets, the dungeon text that appears in the dungeon entry window will be red, and the entry button will be marked as [no entry].
– Displays a message that the number of entries per day exceeds the limit for entry when player tries enter the dungeon with no counts left.

– Increased Honor Score reward after completing Dungeons

New Login System*

*Will be implemented soon

Patch note corrections:

** Changed from 1, 000, 000 Alz to 10, 000, 000 Alz

Main Content

The gates of the huge tower guarded by Keshapone Minisha in the northeastern part of Porta Inferno were opened. Some curious Nevareth warriors bravely entered the tower. Inside the tower, the devil’s laughter and screams constantly echoed all over.

After so many years, a few of the warriors who entered the tower began to return. They were so tired, and their whole bodies were drenched with blood and filled with sword scars. But they laughed: “We did it. This way, we can get stronger.” In their hands was a red metal that looked like a coin, and packs of goldsmith-crafted equipment brightly shining in gold.

The other warriors watched with wonder and were astonished by what they saw. Two demons came along with them. The demons said “Humans, if you want to be strong, come to the Tower of the Devil. I am full of good things you want. Of course, if you can take away the demons and leave the tombs alive. Hahaha!”

Those who survived the trials of the devil spread all over Nevareth to gain stronger equipment and become more powerful. Numerous warriors began to gather in the Tower of the Devil. There were some who were strong, but the number of warriors who lost their lives increased exponentially.

Looking at the warriors entering the Tower of the Devil, the devils were making a sweet smile. The warriors were devoting their lives without a cause—not knowing that they were blinded by the desire to be strong, and were extremely tempted by the devil.

Dungeon Details

Key filled with evil spirits.
You can use it to enter Devil’s Tower

Dungeon Name: Devil’s Tower
Requirements: Level 180 or above
Complete DP: 6
Location: Porta Inferno (X:218 Y:229)

Revived Devil’s Key.
You can use it to enter Devil’s Tower (Part 2)

Dungeon Name: Devil’s Tower (Part 2)
Requirements: Level 190 or above
Complete DP: 7
Location: Porta Inferno (X:218 Y:229)

The Devil’s Tower is a dungeon for the upper level players.

The entrance to the dungeon is in Porta Inferno, and the entry item Devil’s Key is sold by Bloody Ice Grocer Deighton.

In the tower, you can obtain a Token of the Devil, which you can use to buy special items from the two Devil Merchants: Incubo and Sucubo.


New DX Dungeon

The Acheron Arena is a dungeon with a difficulty level slightly lower than the Illusion Castle Underworld (Apocrypha). 

Up to three (3) users can enter, where the first 20 minutes will be given as a time limit. Upon clearing the dungeon, 6 Dungeon Points (DP) can be obtained.

The Essence Rune Normal DMG Up can be acquired in the Legendary Box of the dungeon. The normal attack damage increases when the rune is registered on a character.

The dungeon’s entry item is sold by Bloody Ice Grocer Deighton for 4,000,000 Alz.

Dungeon Details

Nevareth’s honorable sword has a grudge in it.

Dungeon Name: Acheron Arena
Requirements: Level 190 or above
Complete DP: 6
Location: Bloody Ice (X:76 Y:24)


New Costumes

Bike Costumes

View full Episode 19 part 2, 20 and 21 patch notes on dandiely’s blog 



Main Content

Muster Card which gives you the authorization to explore Forgottem Temple B3F,

an academy which was built during a Honorable Age.

Dungeon Name: Forgotten Temple B3F

Requirements: Level 190 or above

Complete DP: 20

Location: Forgotten Ruin (X:193 Y:36)

There had been a discovery of narrow pathway on Forgotten Temple B2F, leading to the deeper part of the dungeon. At the end of the starcase, unknown monster was guarding the huge door.

Most of the Explorers could not proceed because of the fear, then ‘Lmin’ claimed that he would solve the mystery of the Forgotten Temple and enter the door on B3F. However, Lmin never returned.

Few years after, Sage Capella and Sage Procyon combined the force to solve the mystery, sending the top Explorers to study the dungeon.

With difficulty, Explorers finally reached B3F, but they only found ‘Lmin’ who lost any control of himself. Bare escaping the attack of Lmin, the Explorers met Mutant Researcher.

Mutant Researcher explained that the research was explanded to human beyond experiment on the Mutant monsters by the ‘Dr.’ who created the Temple during the Honorable Age.

After the long research, ‘Dr.’ finally solved the mystery of eternal life, reaching the peak of his study. As a result, obedient Mutant monsters were created, including Lmin.

The Explorers promised Mutant Researcher to stop this crazy ‘Dr.’ and with his help, returned to their nations.

Both Capella and Procyon joined their force to stop the ‘Dr.’ at the Forgotten Temple B3F, gathering brave warriors all over the Nevareth.


Edge of Phantom (DX Dungeon)

Epaulet allowing you to enter Edge of Phantom, new base of defeated Undead clan.

Dungeon Name: Edge of Phantom

Requirements: Level 190 or above

Complete DP: 7

Location: Undead Ground (X:146 Y:244)

Etherno Calligo Thanatos.

He was second in command when Undead Clan overpowered Nevareth under Tempus’ command.

When Thanatos was away with the mission, Warriors defeated Tempus and the Undead Clan was dissolved quickly.

From then, Thanatos started to make detailed plans for revival of the Undead Clan.

Thanatos secretly established the base, Edge of Phantom, at the forest of Undead Ground and gathered remaining Undead Clan.

Reports flooded over about Undead monsters being more and more ferocious and acting in order. Instructor O’Conner in Bloody Ice recruited Warriors to investigate the Undead GRound and found the ‘Edge of Phantom’.

Are you prepared to prevent the Undead monsters and Thanatos with his evil conspriracy?

Costumes & Skins

Hats and Masks

Avatar Costumes

Guardian of Light Weapon Skins



A new world is ready for domination. Can you rule the battlefields?
Prove yourselves in Cabal Online’s brand new server – CRUX.
Fitted with all the necessities of war, experience CRUX for that classic look and feel.


  1. Level Cap Lv. 119 only
  2. War Bracket Lv. 80-119 only
  3. Upgrade Cap +12
  4. Gladiator and Force Gunner Class Available
  5. Basic Maps and Dungeons

NOT available:

  • Extreme Upgrade
  • Chaos Upgrade
  • Alz Capsules
  • Potion of Luck
  • Chaos Upgraded Items
  • Minesta’s Charm
  • All Blue and RW3 bikes.
  • Wormhole Generator
  • Server Transfer (temporarily unavailable)


A. Character Class

  • Class Rank: Completer
  • Class Grade: 10
  • Honor Rank: 20
  • Level CAP: Lv.119


The Gladiator is a powerful melee class that relies on the Rage resource to deal close and long-range damage. Rage is accumulated through the continued use of skills, sending the Gladiator into a frenzy. The Gladiator excels at dealing Area of Effect damage and utilizes the unique Chakram weapon, wears heavy armor, and benefits greatly from the Strength Stat.


  • RAGE SHIELD Shield of rage which absorbs damage.
  • ADRENALINE OF RAGE The inner rage boosts the secretion of adrenaline, sending the character berserk immune to pain.
  • GENOCIDER Change into a Genocider with ultimate powers.


Following the philosophy that strength is the greatest asset in battle, the Warrior is a melee class that focuses on physical strength and heavy armor to defeat their enemies. This class utilizes Greatswords and their main stat is Strength.


  • WHIRLWIND Scorches the path with a deadly storm.
  • CAT’S RECOVERY Increase your health restoration speed. 
  • BLOODY SPIRIT Blood-shedding warrior whose mind is consumed by uncontrollable anger.


Putting defense above all else, the Force Shielder is a heavy armor class that utilizes force to make themselves impregnable to damage. Capable of creating powerful Astral Shields, Force Shielders are best on the front lines of war, protecting themselves and their allies from harm. They benefit highly from a balance between Strength, Intelligence, and Dexterity in their Stats.


  • ART OF DEFENSE Stand firm on your spot, and use a reinforced shield to guard yourself.
  • SHADOW SHIELD Your shadow that absorbs damage for a party member.
  • MORTAL BANE Use Astral Shield’s energy to inflict critical damage to an enemy in the exchange of decreased defense.


The true masters of martial arts, the Blader is a class that utilizes the unique dual blade style to render their foes helpless. Utilizing speed and agility, this melee class is a high damage dealing choice. The Blader wears light armor and benefits highly from Dexterity and Strength Stats.


  • ART OF FIERCENESS A powerful attack skill that violently shakes the air.
  • INTENSE BLADE Awaken a weapon’s latent ability to improve the effect of sword skills.
  • INTUITION Increase your intuition, and increase the perfect evasion rate.


Focusing on dealing tremendous damage from afar, the Wizard is a long-range class that utilizes magic to both attacks and defend themselves. Wizards can manifest force to channel powerful single target and Area of Effect skills to rain destruction before they can be harmed. They wear light armor and greatly benefit from the Intelligence Stat.


  • ART OF FORCE CONTROL Increase force controller’s amplification and improve your magic attack strength.
  • SPIRIT INTENSION Reinforce the defense strength of your party member and increase his immunity to attacks.
  • RAISE SPIRIT Reinforce the mind of your party member and restore his SP.



A master of both blade and magic, a Force Blader utilizes both to strike deep at their enemies. This class focuses on speed and precision to overcome any obstacles, and are considered master swordsman, using both Katanas and sharp Blades to their highest form. A Force Blader wears medium armor and benefits highly from Strength and Dexterity Stats.


  • ART OF CURSE My curse will sail against the wind, and enrage the earth.
  • EXECRATION Concentrate your energy, to curse a target, and bind the target on one spot.
  • MANA FREEZE Temporarily limits a target’s adjustable maximum mana.


A rare branch from the Wizard class, the Force Archer is capable of honing in the force of magic to bring dedicated single target damage from a long distance. They strike a delicate balance between physical and magical damage and can support their allies through any danger. A Force Archer wears medium armor and benefits from both Intelligence and Dexterity Stats.


  • ART OF SNIPING Stand firm on your spot, and concentrate your energy to increase the chance of hitting an enemy’s vital point.
  • SHARPNESS Increase damage with sword class weapons.
  • VITAL FORCE Increase the target’s maximum HP.


A special force driven battle style created in secrecy, the Force Gunner specializes in long-ranged sniping skills and powerful Area of Effect damage. Focusing on higher attack speeds and critical attacks, Force Gunners weave physical and magical attacks to destroy their enemies from afar. Force Gunners wear medium armor and benefit from Intelligence and Dexterity Stats.


  • ART OF DESPERADO Strengthen your skills with the invisible un-bounding force.
  • LOCK ON Leaves a mark on the target to attack the weak points.
  • REACTIVE TECHNIQUE Dodge and block enemy’s attacks by using a new lightweight material that reacts to damage.

B. Items

Upgrade CAP: +12 ONLY



  • Weapons: Iron, Damascus, Shadowsteel, Crude, Red, Coraleye, and Citrine
  • Armors: Reinforced, Iron, Shadowsteel, Silk, and Aramid


  • Weapons and Armors: Bluestin, Titanium, and Shadow Titanium
  • Bike: Astral Bike Card – Blue


  • Weapons and Armors: Osmium
  • Bike: Astral Bike Card – Rw3


  • Normal – Level 1 ~ 10
  • Covenant – Level 11 ~ 20

– Pet Level 1 ~ 10: Normal Section (Phase)

– Pet Level 11 ~ 20 “New”: Covenant Section (Phase)


  • No Extreme Upgrade as items are only up to +12
  • No Chaos Upgrade as chaos items are not yet usable
  • Mergaheph’s Ring is dropped but no quest


3. Quests

  • Scenario Quests(Part.1) (Level 30 ~60)
    • Use of Battle Mode 2
    • Astral Board/Bike can be obtained
    • Lake in Dusk
  • Scenario Quests(Part.1) (Level 60 ~80)
    • Players will need equipment upgrade at this level phase*
    • Scenario Quests rewards high amount of EXP *
    •  Ruina Station
  • Level UP – Scenario Quests / Mission Dungeon(MD)
    • Complete Scenario Quests(Part.1) (Level 80 ~100)
    • Unique Item “Mergaheph’s Ring”
    • Tower of the Dead B1F
    • Volcanic Citadel

4. Maps

  • Bloody Ice

  • Desert Scream

  • Green Despair

  • Port Lux

  • Fort Ruina

  • Undead Ground

  • Forgotten Ruin

5. Dungeons


Also known as “CA”. Chaos Arena is a 20-minute dungeon in which waves of monsters spawn in an enclosed arena. A boss monster spawns last which the players must defeat to complete the dungeon.


  • Entry Level: Lvl 30~64
  • Difficulty: 1
  • Entry Class Grade: 4
  • Entry item: Key of Chaos Lv.1
  • Drop Item Grades: Medium (Core)/ High (Core)



Also known as “LID” this dungeon is difficult for players <75, however, its a good place to level your character by killing the Orc. It is a short dungeon and a party of 1-3 people is recommended depending on how strong the party members are.

  • Entry Level: Lvl 55
  • Difficulty: 1
  • Entry Class Grade: 1
  • Entry item: Map Part
  • Drop Item Grades: Low / Medium (Titanium)



Also known as “CA”. Chaos Arena is a 20-minute dungeon in which waves of monsters spawn in an enclosed arena. A boss monster spawns last which the players must defeat to complete the dungeon.

  •  Entry Level: Lvl 65~94
  •  Difficulty: 1
  •  Entry Class Grade: 7
  •  Entry item: Key of Chaos Lv.2
  •  Drop Item Grades: Medium (Core)/ High (Core)



Also known as “RS” this dungeon is difficult for players <85 however it is the easiest dungeon to level by grinding at the Invader Mechbuffalo (See guide below). It is a relatively short dungeon and a party of 1-3 people is recommended depending on how strong the party members are.

  • Entry Level: Lvl 70
  • Difficulty: 1
  • Entry Class Grade: 1
  • Entry item: Muster Card: Ruina Station
  • Drop Item Grades: Low / Medium (Shadow Titanium)



Also known as “EOD” is a relatively long dungeon and a party of 2-4 people is recommended depending on how strong the party members are. You can begin to solo this dungeon ~110 depending on your strength.

  •  Entry Level: Lvl 85
  • Difficulty: 2
  • Entry Class Grade: 9
  •  Entry item: Epaulet of the Dead
  • Drop Item Grades: Medium(Shadow Titanium)
  •  Special/Unique Item Drop: Mergaheph’s Ring


Also known as “CA”. Chaos Arena is a 20-minute dungeon in which waves of monsters spawn in an enclosed arena. A boss monster spawns last which the players must defeat to complete the dungeon.

  • Entry Level: Lvl 95~124
  • Difficulty: 1
  • Entry Class Grade: 10
  • Entry item: Key of Chaos Lv.3
  • Drop Item Grades: High(Core) / Highest(Core)

MISSION WAR (Tiera Gloriosa)

Mission War is a capture-the-flag type game that pits up to 200 players against each other in a single arena. Generally, the nation that uses the best teamwork wins. Players are usually effective only in groups of 3 or more.

  • Level Bracket: 80-119 Only
  • Rank Required: A Master

M.War Schedule

Server Time Everyday
0200 H Tiera Gloriosa
0600 H Tiera Gloriosa
1000 H Tiera Gloriosa
1400 H Tiera Gloriosa
1800 H Tiera Gloriosa
2200 H Tiera Gloriosa


[EP 18] Patch Notes

[EP 18] Patch Notes

.Main Content

1) Pet Level Expanded

● Combined Some Pet Training Stats

A. Attack and Magic Attack combined to All Attack

B. Sword Skill Amp and Magic Skill Amp combined to All Skill Amp

* Already applied stats will be automatically combined by above rules

● Pet Max Level and Slot Extend

A. Changed pet max level to 20 and divided by sections

– Pet Level 1 ~ 10: Normal Section (Phase)

– Pet Level 11 ~ 20 “New”: Covenant Section (Phase)

B. Expanding pet training slot to maximum of 20

● Pet Training Cost Changed

● Pet Training Stats (Options)

A. Pet Training Stats differ in stat (option) types and possibilities.

B. Pet training stats and possibilities in ‘Covenant Section (Phase)’

● Pet Sleeping Kit Changed

– Pet Level 1 ~ 10 Normal Section (Phase): Use Pet Sleeping Kit (Normal)

– Pet Level 11 ~ 20 “New” Covenant Section (Phase): Use Pet Sleeping Kit (Covenant)

● Pet Training UI, Pet Inventory UI: Divided to Normal/ Covenant

● Combined Pet Untrained UI

A. Right Clicking any of Pet Untrained Kit, Pet Untrained Kit – Option Selective and Safety Kit will activate Pet Untrained UI

B. Select untrained item and choose desired phase (normal/covenant) or option

● Pet Options only obtainable at covenant phase added

A. Option Types

i) Ignore resist Critical DMG

ii) Ignore resist Skill Amp

B. Above two options can be obtained in covenant phase of the pet training

C. Details

i) The options only apply when the resist value is above 0, value does not apply below 0

ii) Options only applied in Mission Battle or PVP

● Pet Covenant Phase related Achievements Added


2) Game Loading Screen & Channel/Character Selection UI Changed


● Changed loading display to a simple circle bar type

● Changed Log-in screen, Server/Channel selection UI

● Character selection screen

A. Relocated the system message to the upper center from left side of the screen

B. Added display of chosen server by the player

● Character Creation Screen

A. When creating a new character, player will choose the battle style first and move to the next screen for appearances setting

B. Added/modified the character movement animation and videos by battle style

C. Changed displaying character’s gear to Archridium when creating a character

● Added BGM On/Off check box to the bottom right side of the log-in screen


3) Cabal Graphic Engine Improved

● Option – Preferences – Graphics ‘advanced display effects (For Optimal/recommended system requirement)’ Added

● Below will be improved for checking ‘advanced display effects’

A. Shadow improved

i) Display new objects (land, ground objects, etc.,)

ii) Divided the preferences up to 8 levels (originally 5 steps)

● Notes

A. The changes will apply after restarting the client

i) Unchecking the option during the play, the system will use the original rendering

ii) Changing the option will ask for client restart

B. Default will have the option ‘unchecked’

● Advanced display effects option added to the launcher graphics – preferences setting


4) Event Agent Yul NPC Modified

● Appearance modified

● Relocated the NPC to Bloody Ice

● Dialog Bubble will appear during event period

5) Honor Medal System Added

● Only usable by confederative characters of Honor Rank(grade) 20

A. Once confederative character accomplish Honor Rank(grade) 20, the character will achieve Honor Medal grade 1.

B. If the character has already accomplished Honor Rank(grade) 20, the character will achieve Honor Medal grade 1 when connecting to the game (for once).

● Related UI and icon added

A. UI Open: Short-Cut (Shift + M) or in menu ‘Honor Medal’

B. Medal icon added to the character information UI

* Icon may differ by the nation and the honor medal grade

● Distinguish the title by Confederative Captain / General / Commander / Hero

● Medal grade will rank up as the Honor Medal score gets higher

● Honor Medal Scores

A. Honor Medal Score is based on the points earned in Mission War (Lv.170 ~ 200)

B. Potion of Honor Medal

i) Available at : Port Lux grocer Hampric

ii) Price : 500 AP

iii) Effect : Medal Score +120

iv) Usable Condition

– Honor Rank 20

– Honor Medal grade “Captain” (Unable to use it on other grades)

● Slot Unlock

A. Lock icon will display on locked slots

B. Only able to unlock the slots within the grade

C. Each grade will have maximum slots of 4 / 6 / 8 / 10

D. Unlocking slots will require Chaos Core and Divine Stone

● Options

A. Able to select option from the opened slots of the Honor Medal grade

B. Option given randomly when clicking the slot

C. Given option will differ by the current Honor Medal grade

Ex) HP gain value is 3 when Honor Medal of Captain grade 1, HP gain value is 30 when Honor Medal of Captain grade 30

D. Applying option will require 100AP + 100WExp (for all options)

E. Honor Medal options and values

● Reset Honor Medal Options

A. Players can reset the Honor Medal option given in each medal grade

B. Players can reset the Honor Medal option using Force gem and the number of Force gem required differ by grade.

● Honor Medal Option Chest added

A. Usable Condition

i) When sealing the Honor Medal Option

– It is only usable by confederative character of Honor rank 20

– Have at least 1 option with available option slot

ii) When using the sealed Honor Medal Option

– It is only usable by confederative character of Honor rank 20

– Item with same grade of the sealed option

– Item with open slots of the sealed option

– Option slots of same category must be empty before applying the sealed option

B. Honor Medal Chest Name and Color

i) Honor Medal Chest: (Stored Medal)

ii) Change the Honor Medal Chest color to match the Medal grade color

C. Stored Item’s Tooltip will display the sealed option and icon

i) Option value will display based on the applying character’s medal grade

* In other words, the option value differ for characters of a different medal grade

ii) “Cannot Apply” tooltip will display (option will not display) if the character cannot use the sealed options

D. Item category added to the Agent Shop : Unbind/Seal – Honor Medal Chest

6) New two “Apocrypha” Dungeons Added

● Illusion Castle Underworld “Apocrypha”

A. Entry Information

i) Entry Level : LV.190 +

ii) Entry Item

– Item Name : Illusive Apocalypse “Apocrypha”

– Available at : Remote Item Shop (Short-cut Key: N), Grocer Deighton in Bloody Ice

– Price : 4,500,000 Alz (*Can be localized)

iii) Entry Location : Lake side(171, 175)

iv) Maximum players allowed : 3

B. Dungeon Information

i) Time Allowed: 15min

ii) Dungeon mission reward : 7DP

iii) Other Dungeon features including ‘dungeon booster’ are same as Illusion Castle Underworld Dungeon

iv) Dungeon Clear/Fail

– Clear : Defeat the final boss and obtain the Legendary Box

– Fail : Fail to clear dungeon within the time limit

v) Drop Item

– Archridium(Normal) Equipment

– Palladium(Normal/Epic) Equipment

● Illusion Castle Radiant Hall

A. Entry Information

i) Entry Level : LV.190 +

ii) Entry Item

– Item Name : Apocalypse of Other Dimension “Apocrypha”

– Available at : Remote Item Shop (Short-cut Key: N), Grocer Deighton in Bloody Ice

– Price : 4,500,000 Alz (*Can be localized)

iii) Entry Location : Lake side(171, 175)

iv) Maximum players allowed : 3

B. Dungeon Information

i) Time Allowed: 15min

ii) Dungeon mission reward : 7DP

iii) Other Dungeon features including ‘dungeon booster’ are same as Illusion Castle Radiant Hall Dungeon

iv) Dungeon Clear/Fail

– Clear : Defeat the final boss and obtain the Legendary Box

– Fail : Fail to clear dungeon within the time limit

v) Drop Item

– Archridium(Normal) Equipment

– Palladium(Normal/Epic) Equipment

7) Craftsman’s Palladium Item Added

● Craft added

A. Equipment: Weapon/Helmet/Body Armor/Gloves/Boots

B. Craft Material

– Equipment with 2 slots x 1

– Shape Cartridge (Highest) x 1

– Quartz Core (Palladium) x 45

– Disc for each part of Equipment x 21

– Force Core (Crystal) x 19

– Upgrade Core (Crystal) x 19

C. Craft results with item option

● Craftsman’s Palladium Equipment Categories added to the Agent Shop

8) Extreme Upgrade Seal Stone Added

● Extract Extreme Upgrade Options applied to the item and save(seal) à apply

● Types

A. Extreme Upgrade Seal Stone (Normal) : Seal Stone for Lv2 Extreme Upgrade

B. Extreme upgrade Seal Stone (Master) : Seal Stone for Lv3 ~ 6 Extreme Upgrade

● Total 4-Types of Seal Stone: One-Handed Weapon, Two-Handed Weapon, Armors, Bike

● Extracted seal stone can be apply to any equipment regardless of their grade

Ex) Option extracted from SIGMetal equipment can be applied to Mithril grade equipment

● Seal Stone drops low rate at Legendary Box from DX Dungeon Premium (Normal/Elite)

● Items unable to use/apply the Extreme Upgrade Seal Stone

A. Unable to seal the option

– Item with Extreme Upgrade level of 0 or 1

– Periodical Item

– Item unable to equip due to Extreme Upgrade failure

B. Unable to apply the sealed option

– Periodical Item

– Character-Binding Item

– Item unable to equip due to Extreme Upgrade failure

– Item with Extreme Upgrade level of 1 or higher (※ Item with extreme upgrade options)

– Item which has lower maximum extreme upgrade level than the sealed level

Ex) Extreme Upgrade lv6 Seal stone cannot be apply to SIGMetal equipment(0/3)

9) AP Saver Request Recipe and Material Item Sales Added(Request Recipe deleted on GLB services)

● AP Saver Request Recipe

* AP Saver can be used when the character has less than 700 AP

● Material Item added to the NPC Shop

A. Item Name : Saver Force

B. Sell NPC : Port Lux’s Craft Merchant Chloe

C. Sell Price : 1,000,000 Alz (*Can be localized)


10) Enchant Safeguard Improved

● Enchant Safeguard related information added to the enchant UI

A. Safeguard select option and apply option added to enchant UI

B. When Safeguard is registered and applied, the ‘applying’ message will display

C. Clicking ‘register’ button will automatically register the safeguard

● Normal Enchant

A. Enchant Safeguard can be used for normal enchant level 16+

B. Required Safeguard count for each enchant level

* Same amount will require when enchanting with Enchant Token

● Chaos Upgrade(Enchant)

A. Chaos Safeguard for each Chaos accessories added

i) Chaos Safeguard prevents destruction of Chaos Items during upgrade

ii) 5 Types of Chaos Safeguard

– Chaos Belt / Chaos Talisman / Carnelian / Arcana of Chaos / Arcana of Laws

iii) Request Recipe Added

iv) Related Categories added to the Agent Shop

– Upgrade Items > Chaos Safeguard > Chaos Safeguard – Chaos Belt / Chaos Talisman / Carnelian / Arcana of Chaos / Arcana of Laws

B. Chaos Guardian Essence

i) 5 Types of Chaos Guardian Essence

ii) Possible to obtain above items from Eternal Chaos Arena – Treasure Chest of Eternity

iii) Related Categories added to the Agent Shop

– Craft Items > Enchant Safeguard Material > Chaos Guardian Essence(Chaos Belt / Chaos Talisman / Carnelian / Arcana of Chaos / Arcana of Laws)

C. Required safeguard count for each enchant level

* Enchant token cannot be used for Chaos Safeguard

D. Already existing Chaos Safeguard can be used at any type of Chaos Items


● Divine Enchant

A. Enchant Safeguard(Divine) added

i) Safeguard prevents enchant degradation of Divine Enchant lv6 +

ii) Request recipe added

* Divine Purification Scroll drops from Legendary Box – Illusion Castel Underworld ‘Apocrypha’ and Unpurified Divine Essence drops from Legendary Box – Illusion디바인 정화 스크Castle Radiant Hall ‘Apocrypha’ with High Chance

ii) Related Categories added to the Agent Shop

– Upgrade Items > Divine Enchantment> Enchant Safeguard (Divine)

B. Required Safeguard Amount for enchant level

* Required amount same for High, Highest Item

11) Combo Timing Difficulty Lowered

● Modified Combo difficulty change level

● Combo success related broadcasting message changed from 15 combo to 30 combo.

 2. Corrections/Fixes

1) Saint’s Forcecalibur owner related error fixed

● Error notes

A. Displayed information of previous owner when ownership didn’t change

B. Ownership information not changed when deleting character/guild or changing character name

C. Ownership information not displayed in mission wars

i) System message showing owner name and owner’s guild

ii) Display the location of owner in Map

● Improved notes

A. Receiving Saint Forcecalibur ownership information time changed

i) Before : When Vikalitan of Golden Sunset is summoned, When Saint Forcecalibur owner appeared (looted)

ii) After : When Saint Forcecalibur owner appeared (looted), when owner information received

B. Reset Saint Forcecalibur ownership information changed

i) Before : When Vikalitan of Golden Sunset is summoned, When Saint Forcecalibur owner appeared (looted)

ii) After : when owner information received

C. Separated reset ownership information time and receive ownership information time

i) Before : at start and when ownership is reset

ii) After : at start and when ownership changed

D. Saints Forcecalibur ownership change time modified

i) Chacter name, nation, guild name

– Guild Name : Create, Delete, Join, Quit, Name change

– Character Name : Create, Delete, Name change

ii) Character Nation : When setting the ownership, only check for possibility (in mission wars, nation information of owners check when entering the channel)

iii) Delete related DB when ownership changed

2) Fixed the error of Abyss Thenes Wienelander in Tower of Undead B3F – not moving after certain pattern of attack

3) Fixed the error of certain boss monster’s pattern in Senillinea

● Enthiud

A. Problem of not performing certain attack patterns

B. Patterns will now activate after certain time has passed

C. Enthiud Attack Pattern (3 types) : Right attack / Stand-strike attack / Fly-hammer attack

● Giant Wolf Leader

A. Not properly performing the self-buff “increase evasion”

i) Self-buff condition/requirement doesn’t fulfill, not performing patterns based on time order

ii) Giant Wolf Leader’s attack pattern(4 types) : shoot / warp / air-spin attack / debuff attack

B Changed the self-buff of increase evasion to debuff character decrease 500 accuracy for 5 second

i) Display debuff icon above character’s head

ii) Debuff related message changed

– Before : Giant Wolf Leader is getting faster

– After : Giant Wolf Leader reduces character’s accuracy with dazzling movement

4) Fixed the on and off error of Force Archer’s BattleMode 2 motion

5) Fixed the error of pet option not displaying at applied order

– When training pet linked in chat, the two options seem to be applied when clicking the link while slot is spinning

6) Fixed the error of camera not shaking at certain situations

● If the skill is activated before previous skill’s FX is finished, camera doesn’t shake

● Force Gunner’s Sunset Missile, Strom Blitz, Revenger skill combos

7) Fixed the error of displaying different ownership period when item from cash inventory is linked to chat

8) Fixed the error of epaulet obtaining achievement name and condition displaying the previously owned epaulet

9) Fixed the error of unable to sell item in NPC Yul shop due to item holding

10)  BattleMode2 Attack Option Added

● Added option to select 1st ~ 4th hit motion when Sword Type Class activate BattleMode2

● BattleMode2 Attack Option UI added

A. Display the UI when Sword Type Character (WA/BL/FS/FB/GL) activate BattleMode2

i) Attack Option Control Feature

– Repeat the chosen attack motion phase.

Ex) If player choses 2nd hit motion, the character will only repeat1st and 2nd hit motion

– chosen attack option automatically saved

ii) Can chose from 1st to 4th hit motion

– Force Shielder only has up to 3rd motion so related UI will only display 1st to 3rd hit motion option

iii) Default UI location is bottom mid screen. Players can change the UI location

– UI’s current location is automatically saved

B. UI will disappear when BattleMode2 is finished or de-buffed


11) Pet Safety Kit Usage(use of method) Changed

● Divided to Normal and Covenant section

A. Anima Gem will be create when safety kit is used in Pet Untrained UI.

B. Created Anima Gem will only have the options from chosen section (Normal/ Covenant) and will only apply to the same section

C. Only options of chosen section (normal/covenant) will display in Anima Gem

* Use Safety Kit based on the sections

– 1~10 lv Anima Gem and Pet: Use the sleeping Kit of the pet’s level

– 11~20 lv Anima Gem and Pet: Use Pet Sleeping Kit (Covenant)


12) Some Drops / Extraction and Others Changed

● Black Board

A. Drop removed from all fields

B. Drop added on several dungeons

– Lake in Dusk / Ruina Station / Tower of Undead B1F / Tower of Undead B2F / Volcanic Citadel / Forgotten Temple B1F

● Hard Shell, Sticky Red Liquid drops changed

A. Drop removed from several fields

– Port Lux / Port Ruina / Undead Ground / Forgotten Ruin

B. Drop added on several dungeons

– Forgotten Temple B1F / Forgotten Temple B2F / Forgotten Temple B2F (Awakened) / Forbidden Island / Forbidden Island (Awakened) / Altar of Siena B1F / Altar of Siena B2F / Illusion Castle Underworld / Illusion Castle Radiant Hall / Maquinas Outpost / Tower of Undead B3F / Abandoned City

● Familiar Mineral / Silver Jewel / Powerless Core

A. Drop removed from several fields

– All field above Port Lux

B. Items available at craft merchant Chloe’s shop

– 30,000 Alz each / total 3,810,000 Alz for 127 count

● Disc (Lv.2) drop removed from Port Lux and Port Ruina

● Increased chance for Material Core and Quartz core when extracting Archridium / Palladium equipment

● When extracting item, extracted item (count 1/5/10/20 possible) chance increased for 10/20 counts

● 2 Slot item chance increased when crafting craftsman’s weapon and equipment

3. Changes

1) Beads effect changed from Character to Account (Character Bind -> Account Bind)

● Details

A. Before: Beads (Customizing/Item) only applied to characters

B. After: Beads apply to all characters in accounts within the server

● Changes made to the beads already being used

A. Remaining time for same type of Beads will be added

B. If same type of Beads but different % were being used, only the highest value of Beads will be used. (Beads with lesser value will be removed)

C. Expired Beads are removed (during Maintenance)

● Note : Bead Item Information

2) XP Increased for some Eternal Chaos Arena Monsters

3) Option – Preferences – Graphics ‘advanced display effects (Graphic Engine Improved)

● Option – Preferences – Graphics ‘advanced display effects (For Optimal/recommended system requirement)’ Added

● Below will be improved for checking ‘advanced display effects’

A. Shadow improved

i) Display new objects (land, ground objects, etc.,)

ii) Divided the preferences up to 8 levels (originally 5 steps)

● Notes

A. The changes will apply after restarting the client

i) Unchecking the option during the play, the system will use the original rendering

ii) Changing the option will ask for client restart

B. Default will have the option ‘unchecked’

● Advanced display effects option added to the launcher graphics – preferences setting


4) Force Blader Buff for BattleMode1 use method changed

● Changed buff to immediately apply without requesting the server

● Changed buff to apply without mastering the below skills

A. Magic Cannon Lv.20

B. Stone Cannon Lv.20

C. Aqua Cannon Lv.20

D. Wind Cannon Lv.20


5)  Tower of Undead B3F (Part2) Some Boss Monsters modified

6) Changed auto attack to continue while activating the instant cast skills

7) Completing ‘repeated request’ items will automatically received

8) Event Agent NPC Yul modified

9) Changed HP recovery of Training Dummy from 0 to 100,000 per 2 sec

10) Pop up message related to deleting all messages in the mail box changed

● Before: When checking “Ask no more” in the mail delete dialogue, the message will not pop up until client is restarted.

● After: Deleted the check box for “Ask no more” so the message always pops up.

11) Only maximum of 3 sound of same kind can be casted at a same time

* Sound of different kind can overlap at the same time

12) Changed the tool-tip message condition about unable to enchant divine level upgrades on rare grade and upper grade items

● Changed tool-tip from “unable to divine upgrade” to “Divine Upgrade (0/15)” on Rare grade items with less than 15+ upgrades

13) Changed name color of AP saver with more than AP 701 saved to Orange

4. Added Features

1) Force Gunner Battle Style Change Added

● Added Force Gunner to the list when using the Battle Style Change Kit

● Item use result

A. Change to Force Gunner Battle Style and BattleMode

B. Sword type essence/blended runes will automatically change to magic type

C. Provide Force Gunner Skill Book Package

2) Agent Shop “Potion > Elixir” categories added by elixir type

– Elixir of Experience / Elixir of Skill / Elixir of Training / Elixir of Honor

3) New Costume Added

● Space Costume

● Snow Star – Weapon Costume – Chakram

5. Mission War

1) Fixed an error displaying ‘Remote Shop’ message when using ‘Remote Request Cart.’

● Changed Message: You cannot use remote request cart in Mission war world

2) Mission War Channel related server manager UI improved

● Changed the status value in channel property window

– ON/OFF → Open/Close

● UI improved for displaying the channel Open/Close


[EP17] Force Gunner Patch Update

[EP17] Force Gunner Patch Update

Behold — a new force era has begun. Among the great soldiers in the lands of Pastur, new heroes were born, calibrating a unique weapon that will reinvent the force.

Force Gunner, the eight battle style in Cabal Online.


  1. Main Contents
    • New Class “Force Gunner
    • New Defense Dungeon “Glacies Inferna
    • New Upgrade System “Divine Upgrade
    • Maximum Upgrade Level Extended to Lv. 20
    • New Costumes
    • New Platinum Buff
  2. Bug Correction
  3. Changes



1. EQUIPMENT: Orb / Crystal


20 Offense Skill
Buff Skill (Skill Level 20 / Based on BSLV 21)
Force Gunner Buff Skills


Battle Mode 1: Ranger
Battle Mode 2: Heavy Launcher + Surface Impact
Force Gunner BM2
Battle Mode 3: Hitman
Force Gunner BM3
Battle Mode 3 Synergy
Force Gunner BM3 Synergy


Armor Craft only for Force Gunner
(Craft ingredient and options are equal to the previous craft method)
Force Gunner Armor Craft

Battle Mode 3 Craft Request

Force Gunner BM3 Craft Request


Art of Desperado Effector
Value per Level
Art of Desperado Effector

Lock-On Effector
Value per Level
Lock-On Effector


  1. Dungeon Entrance: Bloody Ice
    • Requirements: Lv. 190 and above
    • Entry Limit: Max 7 players
    • Dungeon Entry Item: Frozen Fire Crystal
      • Remote item shop OR Bloody Ice Grocer NPC Deighton
      • Price: 3,500,000 Alz + 100 AP
  2. End Dungeon
    • Dungeon Complete
      • Kill the ‘Glacial and Blazing Diablos’ and destroy the reward box
      • Defend Seal Stone in the middle of map until killing the final boss (Defend at least 1 Seal Stone)
    • Dungeon Fail
      • All of 2 Seal Stone destroyed
      • Dungeon time over
    • 3. Dungeon Reward
  3. Piece of Divine Stone
    • Dropped after killing dungeon monster and boss box
      • Extra 2 boxes will be dropped after killing the final boss
      • Can be used as ingredient for ‘Divine Stone’ craft request
    • Gain 10 DP for completing dungeon
  4. Dungeon Timer
    • Display time lapse and HP of Seal Stone in real time
    • Display HP of Seal Stone black-and-white when it becomes 0%
  5. Dungeon Flow
    • Monsters marked in red only attack Seal Stone object
  6. Wave Pattern
    • Spawn location is Fire Land 1,2,3 and Ice Land 4,5,6 in opposite way from the dungeon entrance


  1. Upgrade level over 15 & Equipment over high is able for Divine Upgrade
  2. Divine Upgrade up to level 15
  3. Required item for Divine Upgrade and upgrade result
  4. Divine Converter Item Added
    • For early stage of divine upgrade(Used for equipment of divine level 0)
      • Divine Converter – Weapon
      • Divine Converter – Armor
    •  Price
      • 20,000,000 Alz
      • Bloody Ice Grocer NPC Deighton
  5. Divine Stone
    • Can be made through craft quest with Divine Stone pieces dropped at new dungeon ‘Glacies Inferna’
    • Required Amity is same as ‘Chaos Core’
  6. Divine Seal Stone Added

    • Requirements
      • Divine Level extracted
        • Item with over Divine Level 1 (Item applied with Divine Converter)
      • Apply Divine Level on item
        • Item with Divine Level 0 (Item before using Divine Converter)
          • Item with Divine Level should be extracted or destroyed
        • Item with same Divine Level
          • When extracted Divine Level of item is high, it is only applicable to high level item (same as highest level)
        • Item with same part of equipment
          • One-Handed Weapon / Two-Handed Weapon / Suit / Gloves / Boots / Helmet
    • How to Use
      • Extract Divine Level
        • Right click and select extract item for Divine Level
        • Save the item’s Divine Level, item level, item’s part
      • Apply Divine Level on item
        • Right click and select the item to apply sealed Divine Level
        • The Divine Seal Stone disappears after use and the level in Divine Seal Stone is applied to the item
    • When player’s mouse curser is over Divine Seal Stone which extracted Divine Level, description of original divine information will be displayed at Tool tip.
      • Ex) Divine Upgrade (1/15) High One Hand Weapon
    • Agent Shop register
      • Unbinding / Sealing Tab – Divine Seal Stone
  7. Stats per upgrade level


  1. Upgrade UI combined
    • Open : Right click on Upgrade Core Items / Click inventory’s [Item Upgrade] button
    • Available upgrade at UI: Normal equipment upgrade, Chaos upgrade
  2. How to upgrade
    • List of all types of available upgrade cores will be displayed after equipment is registered for upgrade
    • After selecting the core type and clicking [Core Register], cores will be automatically registered from the inventory
      • When upgrading, only one type of core is available for upgrade at a time
      • Required cores will automatically registered according to the type of cores being used
    • Result will be displayed in icon on bottom of the upgrade UI
  3. Required Core Count

  1. Stats
  2. Fail Penalty
    • Item with enchant level lower than 15: Same as existing penalty
    • Item with enchant level over 15: Enchant level drops as -1, -2, -3
      * Enchant level will not drop under +15
  3. Restriction
    • Item with enchant level over 15 cannot use “Enchant Safeguard”
    • Added info in Item tool tips that Enchant Safequard(Low~Highest) cannot be used over Enchant Level 15
    • Item with Enchant Level 19 cannot use Superior Core
  4. Additional Info
    • Superior Core can be used at +16
    • When succeeded, Enchant Level is upgraded to 15 or 16
    • When failed to use Superior Core between Enchant level 16-20, only 1 Enchant level drops
    • Deleted penalty of 2 Enchant Level drop



1. [Costume] Bounty Hunter
Images: Male, Female, and Character Inventory

2. [Costume] Jiangshi(강시)
Images: Male, Female, and Character Inventory


1. [Costume] Bounty Hunter Helmet
Images: Male, Female, and Character Inventory

2. [Costume] Jiangshi(강시) Helmet
Images: Male, Female, and Character Inventory


1. [Costume] Magic Tech

  • [Costume] Magic Tech – Orb (Staff, Bow, Shield, Gun (Shared))
  • [Costume] Magic Tech – Katana (Katana Only)
  • [Costume] Magic Tech – Blade (Blade Only)
  • [Costume] Magic Tech – Crystal (Staff, Bow, Shield, Gun (Shared))
  • [Costume] Magic Tech – Daikatana (Daikatana Only)
  • [Costume] Magic Tech – Great Sword (Great Sword Only)
  • [Costume] Magic Tech – Chakram (Chakram Only)


  1. Click Platinum Buff and choose Platinum Buff Upgrade UI and level for Platinum Buff
  2. Force Gem is consumed for buff
  3. Platinum Buff and Merit Stats will not apply in PVP Battle (No item)
  4. Buff and required Force Gem is based on 1 day
    * 10 percent off on number of consumed Force Gem (For only more than 10 Force Gem)
  5. Platinum Buff Effect via level & consumption of number of Force Gem
  6. Able to extend Platinum Buff duration within remaining Platinum period


  1. Fixed error of slow server response
  2. Fixed error of multiple item display when searching for Upgrade Core at Agent Shop
  3. Fixed error of gaining skill EXP in certain situation
  4. Fixed error with checking option settings when auto registering item at Personal Shop
  5. Fixed error with releasing root effect after using Art Skill
    • Force Archer’s ‘Art of Sniping’
    • Force Shielder’s ‘Art of Defense’
  6. Fixed error with item drop
  7. Error: HP potion is dropped in Lava Hellfire dungeon
  8. Fixed error to start game client via VMware
  9. Fixed error with changing guild name & master delegation & delete
  10. Fixed error of receiving WExp reward gained by personal mission war score over 5,000
  11. Fixed error of display in stat change while comparing unique item stat
  12. Fixed error of client not displaying regained HP of Kias Rodon(1st Boss) in Forbidden Island Dungeon(Awakened)
  13. Fixed error of disconnection in server when using dungeon entrance item with duration
  14. Fixed error of disconnection with client when using voice chat (Examining basic function of voice chat)
  15. Fixed error that quest could not be completed when script page is forcibly closed in Illusion Castle Underworld
    • Related Quest: Piece of Glorious/Luminous/Beautiful Illusion Stone quest
    • Notice: These quests cannot be re-started when 2nd script page is forcibly closed by ESC or X button


  1. Modification of Battle Style Balance
    • Moving distance displayed on Tool tip for Dash / Fade / Blink
    • Warrior
      • Upgraded stats for Soul Blade
      • Merge of Art of Shout & Fury Shout
        • Deleted ‘Fury Shout’ skill
        • Fury Shout Skill Book automatically changed into Art of Shout Skill Book
      • Range for Battle Mode 3 attack A/B slightly increased
    • Blader
      • Upgraded stats for Soul Blade
        * Same as Warrior
      • Battle Mode 3 Attack A/B side range largely increased
      • Battle Mode 3 Special skill BFX changed to ‘Down’ from ‘Knock-back’
      • Battle Mode 2 Normal Attack
        • Side range slightly increased
        • Magic Amp. upgraded from 30% to 45%
        • Single-Target Amplification increased
    • Wizard
      • Blink: Maximum Attack Range increased from 8 to 9
      • Magic Attack stat increased
      • Art of Force Control stats changed (based on Level 20)
        • Shorter Cool-time: 180 → 150
        • Higher Penetration: 200 → 250
        • Higher Attack Rate: 400 → 600
        • Lower Defense Rate: 400 → 600
        • Piercing Spell stats Changed (based on Level 2)
          • Penetration: 40 → 60
        • ‘Hardness’ & ‘Force Increase’ skill merged to ‘Force Hardness’

          • ‘Hardness’ skill deleted
          • Skill name changed into ‘Force Hardness’
          • ‘Hardness’ Skill Book automatically changed into ‘Force Hardness’ Skill Book
    • Force Archer
      • Battle Mode 3 Launcher Attack A/B Accuracy rate decreased and critical damage added
      • Changes in Battle Mode 3 Synergy Sharp Shooting (AABA)
        • Name: Sharp Shooting →Mass Fire
        • Enemy Resist Amp: -5%
        • Enemy Resist Critical DMG: -10%
        • Self HP: -300 / MP: -300
        • Sharpness, Offensive Bless, Precision merged to single skill

          • Offensive Bless, Precision skill deleted
          • Precision Skill Book automatically changed into Sharpness Skill Book
          • Blind, Lower Defense skill merged

            • Blind skill deleted
            • Skill name changed to Curse of Wither
            • Blind Skill Book automatically changed into Lower Defense Skill Book
    • Force Shielder
      • Art of Defense upgraded
        • When using Art of Defense, ‘Immobility’ changes to ‘Root +100%’ (Movement skill not usable)
        • Debuff of Root duration time: 36sec (Extra time by effecter is not included)
      • Shield Harden upgraded
      • Mighty Wish upgraded
    • Force Blader
      • Fire/Ice/Lighting Blade skill motion changes to immediate cast
      • ‘Mana Freeze’ skill Changed

        • Skill name changed into ‘Curse of Freeze’
    • Gladiator
      • New skill ‘Adrenalin of Rage’ added
        • New force code ‘Resist Ultimate Damage(ADVR)’ option applied
          • * Target which is applied with this force code only gets certain damage by ignoring original calculation
        • All rooting skills are judged equal to original status (Stun / Immobility / Knock Back / Down)
        • Duration
          • BSLV 0 ~ 8: 6 sec
          • BSLV 9 ~ 15: 12 sec
          • BSLV 16 ~ 18 sec
          • Vital Charge(Heal) upgraded
            • Normal amount of heal added even when there’s no rage
            • Normal amount of heal: 150
          • Battle Mode 3 Genocider Attack 1/2/3 minimum attack range changed to 1
  2. Warrior / Blader Skill Balance Changed
    •  Warrior
      • Battle Mode3 Axe Attack A/B’s attack area extended
      • Damage Reduction +800 effect added to Bear’s Vitality skill
    •  Blader
      • Battle Mode 3 Knucklet Attack B’s attack area extended
  3. Score Ratio of Legend Arena Changed
    • Score ratio of Wizard changed from 1.6 to 1.4
    • Score ratio of Gladiator changed from 1.2 to 1.3
  4. Conditions for skill rank up (Battle style level) deleted
  5. Modifications in item drop
    • Dungeon Entrance Item
      • Delete all drop of dungeon entrance item in field of Arcane Trace and Senillinea
      • Field lower than Porta Inferno drops dungeon entrance item for field easier than Altar of Siena B1F
      • No drop of DX dungeon entrance item at any the field
      • DX dungeon entrance item only dropped at Hazardous Valley(Easy/Normal/Hard)
      • Drop of Chaos Arena entrance item is same as before
      • Minesta Training Book
    • Minesta Training Book is not dropped any more in all field
      • Delete of daily quest which gives Minesta Training Book as reward
      • Minesta Training Book is only dropped inside of DX dungeon
        • Panic Cave (Easy/Normal/Hard): Chapter 13/14/15
        • Steamer Crazy (Easy/Normal/Hard): Chapter 16/17/18
        • Catacomb Frost (Easy/Normal/Hard): Chapter 19/20/21
        • Lava Hellfire (Easy/Normal/Hard): Chapter 22/23/24
        • Hazardous Valley (Easy/Normal/Hard): Chapter 25/26/27
      • Drop of Minesta Training Book deleted except for DX dungeon
    • Addition of Item Drop
      • Essence Rune(HP) item drop added in Legendary Box of Forbidden Island(Awakened)
      • Essence Rune(HP) item drop deleted in all field
      • Drop of Effect Core(Piece), Minesta’s Diamond Charm Item added by killing dungeon monsters in Forbidden Island, Illusion Castle Radiant Hall
      • Drop of Effect Core(Piece), Minesta’s Diamond Charm deleted in all field
    • Drop of armor item (FG) added in dungeon and field
      • Deleted drop system in game
      • Lotto Coin item drop system deleted
      • Lamp of Dazzlement item drop system deleted
    • Changed quality of some of drop item
      • ‘Piece of Siena’s Bracelet’ dropped in Altar of Siena B2F dungeon is now tradable
      • ‘Sealed Mergaheph’s Ring’ dropped in Tower of the Dead is now tradable
        * Status of existing piece or ring item do not change
  6. Changes in quest
    • Reward Alz for Scenario quest changed
      • Less reward Alz for Lv. 1 ~ 100
      • Reward Alz for 3 Lv UP
    • Less reward Alz for Lv. 101 ~ 199

      • Reward Alz for 5 Lv UP
    • Higher EXP reward for scenario quest
      • EXP gained in LV 1 ~ 99 is changed to 50 ~ 60% of whole EXP in ongoing level
    • Skill Book reward added for clearing quest
      • By completing LV 130 rank-up test, Battle Mode 3 skill of each battle style is registered automatically
      • Skill Book is given for completing certain scenario quest
    • Changed scenario quest mission
    • Upgraded reward for Glory Plate quest

      • Decreased number of required Stain Clone (Battle Mode request recipe)
        • Battle Mode 3 LV 2: 40 to 10
        • Battle Mode 3 LV 3: 50 to 15
  7. Higher Amity rewarded when completing request
  8. Change of Epaulet
    • Name of Epaulet changed
    • Upgrade stats of Palladium Epaulet
  9. UI Change of Merit Mastery
    • Additional stat display on the right side of Merit Mastery UI
      • (Left) White number: Sum of additional stat by Merit Mastery (stats applied only for war
      • (Right) Orange number: Sum of stats applied by extending Merit Mastery
    • Addition of displayed stats
      • Attack stat: Attack Rate / Add. DMG / Accuracy / Penetration / Ignore Evasion / Ignore Damage Reduction
      • Defense stat: Defense / Defense Rate / Evasion / Damage Reduction / Ignore Penetration / Ignore Accuracy / Dissolve Ignore Damage Reduction / Dissolve Ignore Evasion
  10. Change in comparing equipment in upgrade mode(Upgrade UI)
    • Fixing non-existing stat of equipment to ‘0’
      • Before: When comparing item with equipped one, the stats are displayed same as comparing one
      • After: Fixing following stat and displaying it to 0
        • Ex) A(Equipped Item), B(Comparing Item). When ‘Sword Skill Amp. + 7%’ option is only for comparing equipment B
          Before: Sword Skill Amp. +7% (▲7%)
          After: Sword Skill Amp. +0% (▲7%)
    • Chaos Equipment changed to display stats after upgrade
      • When mouse-over on the upgrading equipment while upgrading Chaos Equipment, changed stats are displayed
  11. Changes of Training Dummy at Villages for Beginner
    • Upgraded HP stats & Damage Reduction stats of Training Dummy
      • Pet EXP can be gained from Training Dummy
  12. When class level reaches maximum, stats needed for rank-up is not displayed
    • When BSLV is max, needed stats for rank-up not displayed on character info status
  13. Fixed success rate of Minesta’s Unbinding Stone & Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone
    • Max success rate is fixed for item over 15 of Enchant Level
    • Max success rate
      • Minesta’s Unbinding Stone
        • Max success rate: 90%
        • Addition of increase rate for +1 upgrade level (based on upgrade level 0)
      • Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone
        • Max success rate: 70%
        • Addition of increase rate for +1 upgrade level (based on +10)
  14. Shortened regen time for boss monster in low-level dungeon
    • The Ruina Station
      • Kill Invader MechaSpiderR→ Kill after Mecha Spider’s appearing → Shortened appear time of Mecha Spider
    • Tower of the Dead B2F
      • Appear time of Ekzane
      • Appear time of button for next step after killing ghost of 3 color in room of Printz Verzen
      • Appear time of Jumar Carbo after clicking button of killing ghost
      • Appear time of Andreas Schultz after killing Seed monster
  15. Addition of entry craft related message in some of dungeon entry item tool tip
  16. Extended Rune Slot
    • Max number of Rune Slot extended from 16 to 30
    • Rune Slot Extender – Extendable by using Essence Item
    • Rune Slot Extender – Remaining extendable rune slot number in Tool tip message of Essence Item changed from (x/3) to (x/14)
  17. Addition of message related to limit of trade level
    • When self / other player’s character has limited level
      • Message: ‘Both players need to reach ** level for trade’
    • When self / other player’s character has class grade limit
      • Message: ‘Both players need to reach ** class grade for trade’
  18. Change of Disk Dice Register

    • Disk Dice Creating Item Changed
      • Before: Number of disk randomly created from 1-6
      • After: Number of disk randomly created from 20-120
  19. Changed price of ‘Empty Bottle’ sold by Port Lux Craft Merchant Chloe
    • 1 bottle: 100 Alz→ 30,000 Alz
    • 127 bottle bundle: 12,700 Alz→ 3,810,000 Alz
  20. Blessing Bead – Upgraded Stat of Blessing Bead Plus/Supreme/Ultimate

  21. ‘Prevent Camera Shaking’ option added in game option’s effect section
    • Camera option in the game option tab
    • Default Value: Not checked
    • Option
      • If not checked, all of effects are displayed by camera shaking
      • If Checked
        • Equal to original camera shaking effect
        • All effects display camera shaking in Battle Mode
        • If not in Battle Mode, when there is critical attack, only first effect makes camera shaking
        • If not in Battle Mode, when there is no critical attack, camera shaking does not happen
  22. Dungeon EXP upgraded
    • Dungeon level divided into Easy/Normal/Hard/Extreme
    • Each dungeon’s EXP graded similar to Eternal Chaos Arena Wave 3/6/9
  23. Guild Warehouse & Bike Inventory function improved
    • Guild Warehouse
      • Item Drag & Drop function change
        • Original delivery/storage page deleted when doing drag & drop in original item
        • Dragged item moved from Guild Warehouse to inventory without additional pop-up page
      • Mass deposit / withdraw function added
        • Shortcut: Alt + Left Click
        • Shortcut for mass deposit / withdraw added in item Tool tip during warehouse opening
    • RW5 Bike Inventory Upgraded
      • Mass storage / delivery function added
        • Shortcut: Alt + Left Click
        • Shortcut for mass storage / delivery added in item tooltip during warehouse opening
      • Error system message added when trying to store item in full warehouse
        • Message: ‘The warehouse is already full to store item’
  24. Buff skill target extended
    • Buff skill target extended
      • When using buff skill once in party mode, the target is automatically applied to whole party members who are in certain range (As original party buff skill)
      • When using buff skill not in party mode, it is applied to oneself or other character
      • Applied Skill
        • Wizard: Hardness
        • Force Archer: Vital Force and Sharpness
        • Force Gunner: Inspire
    • (Party only) Canceling buff skill
      • Original ‘Party only’ skill can now be used on single player as well
      • Except for Wizard’s ‘Raise Spirit’ / Force Archer’s ‘Mass Heal’
      • Applied Skill
        • Warrior: Art of Shout and Morale Shout
        • Blader: Curse Dodge and Fatality Increase
        • Wizard: Mass Restore and Spirit Intention
        • Force Shielder: Shadow Shield
        • Gladiator: Sight Increase
  25. Extended Mercenary Function
    • Maximum 2 mercenaries can be summoned
    • Mercenary with same category cannot be summoned at the same time
    • Cannot use active buff skill when summoning 2 mercenaries
      • All buff skill except for active buff can be used when summoning 2 mercenaries
    • In-game UI of mercenary icon extended to 4
      • For 2 character, extended to max 2 mercenaries / For 3 character, extended to max 4 mercenaries
      • By right click of icon, cancel summoned mercenary
    • Mercenary global cool-time shortened to 10 sec
  26. Arcana / Carnelian Accessory Box Added
  27. Elite dungeon entrance daily limit changed from 3 to 5
  28. Battle Mode 3 (Level 1) request recipe deleted >> automatically acquired by completing rank-up quest
  29. Craft function improved
    • When selecting different craft recipe during repeated craft function, craft item changes
    • [Before] When selecting different craft recipe during repeated craft function, original recipe is repeated
    • When trying to request with full craft slot, failed slot is deleted and craft item is registered in last craft slot
    • [Before] When clicking ‘Request’ button with full craft slot, error message pops up and craft item is not registered
  30. Senillinea field monster changed
    • Additional monster spawned in Procyon / Capella
    • 2 Shadow of Senillinean Researchers in middle of map at Procyon each changed to Shadow of Senillinean Warrior and Shadow of Senillinean Resident
  31. Bound status of some dropped item changed & addition of Agent Shop register
    • Legendary Cube – Piece of Siena’s Bracelet dropped from items in The Altar of Siena B2F
      • Bound status removed when dropped: Change to ‘Tradable’
    • A Cursed Tyrant’s Ring which Awakened Leth Tyrant drops in Forgotten Temple B2F(Awakened)
      • Bound status removed when dropped: Change to ‘Tradable’
      • Addition of Agent Shop register: Quest Item > Mission Item > Awakened Tyrant’s Ring Material
    • Orb of Fire/Wind/Earth/Ice dropped in (Elite) DX Dungeon(Premium)
      • Bound status removed when dropped: Change to ‘Tradable’
      • Addition of Agent Shop register: Craft Items > Normal Materials > Orb of Fire / Orb of Wind / Orb of Earth / Orb of Ice
    • Drei Frame Armor
      • Acquirable Drei Frame Armor option unified from ‘Character bound’ & ‘Cannot Drop’ to ‘Character bound when equipped’
      • Box
        • Maquinas Outpost – ‘Legendary Box’
        • Maquinas Outpost – ‘Legendary Cube’
        • ‘Agris Armor Box’ sold by Port Lux Armor Dealer Agris
    • Lycanus weapon: Fixed to drop item(1 slot) when equipment is dropped
  32. Changes in Cube of Honor
    • Cube of Honor(Low ~ Highest) purchasing condition all fixed as ‘Over Achieved Honor Rank 9’
    • Cube of Honor(Low ~ Highest) purchasing price changed
      • Cube of Honor(Low)
        • (Before) 4 (After) 5
      • Cube of Honor(Medium)
        • (Before) 10 (After) 10
      • Cube of Honor(High)
        • (Before) 15 (After) 15
      • Cube of Honor(Highest)
        • (Before) 19 (After) 20
    • Potion created from Cube of Honor upgraded to almost three times of the original Honor point
    • Recipe of Tradable Cube of Honor added
  33. Changes in Agent Shop
    • Max number of register item in Agent Shop changed from 20 to 100
    • ‘Chaos Box – Enchant Safeguard’ registered & category added at Agent Shop
    • ‘Rune Slot Extender – Blended’ request data deleted
      • Previously registered item will be displayed but cannot register new item
      • Cannot search the registered item
      • Unit price display added to item tooltip when searched at Agent Shop
  34. Number of Rune Slot Extender craft recipe item decreased

  35. Costumes updated for item shop sale
    • Price: 0 Alz
    • Costume
  36. Meritorious Medal Tradable
    • ‘Meritorious Medal Trade Certificate’ item added for sale in NPC Shop of Craft Merchant Chloe
      • Price: 5,000,000 Alz
      • Bind property: Account Bound
      • Replacing Coin Lotto Certificate
    • Request recipe added for Tradable Meritorious Medal
  37. Adept Ring added to Core Alchemist NPC Shop for sale
  38. AP Saver added to NPC Shop for sale
    • AP Saver added to NPC Shop of Port Lux grocer Hampric
      • Price: 100,000,000 Alz
      • AP Save Limit: 100
    • Condition for use
      • Character over Lv. 120
      • Possession over 700 AP cannot be used
  39. WEXP Saver added to NPC Shop
    • WEXP Saver added to NPC Shop of Port Lux grocer Hampric
    • Price: 100,000,000 Alz
    • WExp Save Limit: Changed to 500 WExp
    • Equal to function of previous AP/DP Saver
    • Condition for use
      • Character over Lv. 170
      • Character with nationality
    • New category in Agent Shop
      • Functional Items > Other Special Items > WEXP Saver
  40. Pet EXP Up 1,000% Bead & Bead Customizing Added
    • Agent Shop Register & Category added
    • 1,000% Bead cannot be used with Pet EXP Up 100% / 200% / 300% Item at same time
    • Max Pet Exp Up number changed to 1,000% in bead customizing option
  41. ‘Gain OXP’ option can be saved in server
    • Option – Chat Tab – System Message – Gain OXP
    • All characters in single account are applied with same option (Basically checked)
  42. Changes in Upgrade UI
    • Upgrade UI system changed to remember selected core for upgrade item
      • Related core is automatically selected after re-opening Upgrade UI
      • But initialized and normal upgrade core is selected after restarting client
    • Tooltip Introducing Expected Result added
      • Instruction tooltip displayed by mouse-over on the result
      • Related instruction tooltip displayed by mouse-over on the result icon
      • Tooltip about specific upgrade level which is safe of destruction is displayed for Divine Upgrade & Chaos Upgrade
    • Upgraded display of result icon via registered upgrade item or core
    • When clicking ESC button while both Upgrade UI and Inventory are open only Upgrade UI is closed
  43. Changes in Request UI
    • With full inventory, failed craft slot is deleted when clicking [All Complete] button
    • With full inventory, failed craft slot is deleted and craft item is registered during repeated craft
    • Repeated Craft starts by checking ‘Repeat’ box after choosing craft item
  44. Changes in Saver Item Color

  45. Change in ‘Show Skill Animation’
    • Astral Weapon cannot be used in ‘Show Skill Animation’ mode
  46. Change in cool down of Penetration & Accuracy Potion
    • Penetration & Accuracy Potion cool down deleted
      • Limit that same buff portion cannot be used until previous buff lasting time gets 1/10 of whole lasting time is over
      • But, limit that potion with lower level cannot be used when upper level potion is already applied stays the same
        • Ex) Penetration +50 Potion cannot be used when Penetration +80 Potion is already applied
    • Change in Cool down Time of Penetration & Accuracy Potion related item